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Title:എന്റെ സുകുവേട്ടനെ ചതിക്കുന്ന ഒരു ഫീൽ Lakshmana Rekha Malayalam Movie Scene Mohanlal Mammootty Seema

Watch On എന്റെ സുകുവേട്ടനെ ചതിക്കുന്ന ഒരു ഫീൽ Lakshmana Rekha Malayalam Movie Scene Mohanlal Mammootty Seema Lakshmana Rekha (transl. The line of Lakshmana) is a 1984 Indian Malayalam-language drama film directed by I. V. Sasi, written by P. V. Kuriakkose, and produced by M. P. Ramachandran. The film stars Mohanlal, Mammootty, and Seema. The film features songs composed by A. T. Ummer and background score by Shyam Retired colonel Rajasekharan has two sons—Sukumaran and Sudhakaran and a daughter, Sunitha. Sukumaran, a police officer, is married to their cousin Radha. In the initial days, they abstain from having sexual intercourse as Radha is going through her menstruation period. In the fifth day of their marriage, when they had decided to participate in their first sexual intercourse, Sukumaran meets an accident and is paralyzed for life. Radha now looks after a bedridden Sukumaran. While Radha and Sukumaran's life ended in misery, Sudhakaran's life is going well. He is appointed as the new General Manager of a corporate company. Sudhakaran sympathizes with Radha. Meanwhile, Radha suffers from frequent headaches. Their family doctor conducts several diagnosis on her, but reveals nothing. For a second opinion, Sudhakaran and Radha goes to a hospital to consult a neurologist, again the diagnosis shows nothing. The doctor theorizes that such headaches can also cause due to sexual frustration and it could likely be the case here considering her situation. That night, Sudhakaran and Radha are sharing a double room in a hotel as two rooms were unavailable. While Radha was sleeping, Sudhakaran forces himself on her sexually, at first she resists but then she is submissive. They both perform intercourse. The next morning, Sudhakaran reveals her that he sexually approached her because of what the doctor said as Sukumaran is helpless. It shows result, Radha is relieved from her frequent headaches in the coming days. Eventually, Radha gets pregnant, the family is shocked. Sudhakaran reveals it is his child but still hides what the doctor said. Rajasekharan contemns his son. Sudhakaran is willing to marry her. Finally, the family decides to get her married to Sudhakaran without informing Sukumaran. But Radha tells him everything. Unable to handle this new development, he losses his ability to speak. That night Sukumaran is killed by overdose of sleeping pills. Sudhakaran and Sunitha suspects Radha, while Radha suspects Sudhakaran. Breaking the suspense, Rajasekharan reveals that he killed his tormented son to end his misery. He calls the police and gets himself arrested. Cast Mohanlal as Sudhakaran Mammootty as Sukumaran Seema as Radha K. P. Ummer as Colonel Rajasekharan Kalaranjini as Sunitha P. K. Abraham as Dr. Mathews Adoor Bhasi as Radha's father Kaviyoor Ponnamma as Radha's mother Janardhanan as Balachandra Menon Sumithra as Vilasini Directed by I. V. Sasi Written by P. V. Kuriakkose Produced by M. P. Ramachandran Starring Mohanlal Mammootty Seema Cinematography Jayanan Vincent Edited by K. Narayanan Music by A. T. Ummer Shyam (score) Production company Murali Movies Distributed by Munod-Vijaya Release Release date 1 June 1984 Country India Language Malayalam


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