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Title:Ottoman Empire’s Early Origins | Full Documentary (1299-1453)

Moulded by the chaos and anarchy of 13th century Anatolia, the Ottomans spent the most of the 14th century aggressively expanded their realm at the expense of their neighbours. By 1389, not only had they stripped the Byzantine Empire off key Anatolian cities, but they had penetrated deep into the Balkans. So how did the Ottomans go from being a tiny beylik on the frontier, to a regional power force whose territories spanned two continents within just a few generations? FREE NEWSLETTER: - Become a Patron for as little as a dollar a month to vote on upcoming and keep the movement going! Massive thank you to our Patreons: Elman Ammar TheBactrianGambler Preston P Adam Mohammad Areeb Awais Omar Farid Ibrahim Ari Joshua Bilal Kjetil Haseeb Nahid Amir Mahmoud Joel CoreBard - Join our social media community: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Facebook group: #Ertugrul #OsmanGazi #Kurulus Images Used: Orjen DragonTiger23 Sutori Nakkash Osman Chamboz Limorina Khateeb88 Lord Leatherface Adam Jones DragonTiger23 Argos'Dad Haluk Comertel Shakko Constantine Plakidas Font Awesome Khateeb88 DragonTiger23 Music Used: Doug Maxwell - Arabian Nightfall (Sting): SYBS - At Odds: Joss Edwards - Invasion Joss Edwards - Sand and Sunburn Quincas Moreira - The Long Night JR Tundra - Shesh Pesh: Passage: Kevin MacLeod - Faceoff: Epidemic Sounds If any of the images or songs are yours, please let me know I will amend them. Please don't report me straight away! 0:00 Intro 2:01 Osman I 1299-1389 5:50 Orhan I 8:43 Murad I 11:47 Bayezid I 16:21 Mehmed I 18:44 Murad II 24:48 Mehmed II 25:54 Why did the Ottomans grow?


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