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Title:Sleep in a Cozy Snowy Cave | Winter Ambience with Bonfire Sounds and Snowfall Sounds for Deep Sleep

Would you like to sleep in a cozy snow cave? If yes, then this video with winter atmosphere, campfire sounds, and snowfall sounds will help you to make your sleep better. If you are experiencing insomnia and can't fall asleep - play this video in the background, it will help you fall asleep instantly and make your sleep sound and sweet. It often happens that we cannot fall asleep, but the sounds of a fire, the sounds of a blizzard, the sounds of snowfall help a lot with this. They promote instant relaxation, stress relief, and are conducive to a long and sweet sleep. Let this video give you an instant and sound sleep. Every year at the beginning of February I go to the canyon in the north to admire the winter constellations. During this period, the constellations can be seen in the night sky: Auriga, Canis Major, Canis Minor, Carina, Eridanus, Gemini, Monoceros, Orion and Taurus. For me it has become a tradition and an interesting pastime. This day was no exception, in the morning I looked at the weather forecast, which indicated that the sky would be clear and no precipitation was expected. The weather that day was really calm, and the sky was clear and had a bright blue color. I loaded my pickup truck with all the necessary things, there were quite a lot of them. I took with me a mattress, a blanket, pillows, a kettle, a guitar, a lamp and, most importantly, a telescope. I also took an ax with me to chop wood, and, just in case, a gun with blank cartridges to scare away the animals. After that I hit the road, the distance to the canyon was about 200 miles. I chose this place, because there was no lighting like in the city, and thanks to this, the stars were very clearly visible. In the canyon I had my own campsite, it was a small cave near the forest. I don't know if anyone else has visited this place, but I got the impression that only I know about this cave. Firewood, a torch and a rug that I left here last year were also in their places, they were not touched. This pleased me, as it was my refuge and my "Astronomical Observatory". When I arrived at the place, I immediately unpacked everything and lit a fire and a torch to light the cave. To my regret, at that moment the sky began to darken, the stars slowly disappeared behind the clouds and it began to snow. This disappointed me as it made it impossible to observe the stars. I decided not to despair and just spend the evening in this beautiful place surrounded by nature. I made myself delicious tea, sat down on the mattress, and began to eat the delicious cake that I had brought with me. The atmosphere at that moment was magical, flakes of snow slowly fell to the ground, the fire made pleasant sounds of crackling firewood. Then I took the guitar and started playing my favorite tune. It was a real moment of happiness! Share this video with your friends and family. Have a nice viewing! If you liked this video, please write a comment and like it. By this you will support my channel, for which I will be very grateful to you) My other videos you might like: Sleep Instantly Within 3 Minutes with Blizzard: Crackling Fireplace - Cozier Room at Night: I'll Sleep on the Farm to the Heavy Rain Sounds: Subscribe to the channel not to miss a new video: #cave #winter #snowfall The story above is fictional and written for entertainment purposes only. © Rainy Guy, 2022. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio/text is prohibited.


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