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Title:Science & Technology Q&A for Kids (and others) [Part 133]

Stephen Wolfram hosts a live and unscripted Ask Me Anything about science and technology for all ages. Find the playlist of Q&A's here: Originally livestreamed at: If you missed the original livestream of this episode, feel free to submit a question you would like Stephen to answer in a future Q&A livestream here: 00:00 Start stream 00:24 SW starts talking 00:40-17:32 ​Could we be inside of a black hole? Can biological life survive?​ 17:48-26:35 Would something trapped in the liminal space between the event horizon and "singularity" eventually be able to escape?​ 26:44-39:49 ​In a black hole, does time stop? Is this a case for string theory?​ 39:59-44:08 What are the implications of a naked black hole (one without an event horizon)​ on the universe? 44:09-45:48 ​It is very interesting that the more the black hole "eats," the larger the surface gets. So what exactly is the singularity?​ 45:59-46:26 If matter and antimatter both have positive mass, then wouldn't Hawking radiation increase the mass of a black hole?​ 46:28-52:40 How small can a black hole be? "Micro-black holes," maybe?​ 52:44-54:45 Do you think it will ever be possible to reproduce a black hole situation in a lab for practical research/experimentation?​ 54:57-57:47 What is spinning in a spinning black hole?​ 57:51-1:01:16 Can black holes have a charge? Can the effect of the charge propagate out of the black hole if photons cannot escape?​ 1:01:30-1:02:07 Why are they named black holes and not after the name of the people who found/discovered this phenomenon?​ 1:02:33-1:09:55 ​Could lasers be used to display an advertisement (or perhaps a clock) on the Moon? Can high-bandwidth internet connections be bounced off reflectors on the Moon?​ 1:10:24-1:13:57 If the Moon is responsible for the tides, can the Earth be responsible for some micro-movement of moon dust?​ 1:14:01-1:15:15 Buying an ad that burns up upon reentry sounds incredibly wasteful.​ 1:15:24-1:20:53 ​Would the tea dumped into Boston Harbor during the Boston Tea Party have affected the underwater ecosystem?​ 1:20:57-1:21:33 How would biologists test for the effects of caffeine on fish?​ 1:21:42-1:29:25 ​Why are the elements on the Earth not more homogeneous? Why are there areas/mines abundant with certain metals? Is the heterogeneity of elements increasing or decreasing on Earth? Is this the same for other planets? Galaxies? 1:29:44 End stream Follow us on our official social media channels. Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Stephen Wolfram's Twitter: Contribute to the official Wolfram Community: Stay up-to-date on the latest interest at Wolfram Research through our blog: Follow Stephen Wolfram's life, interests, and what makes him tick on his blog:


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