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Title:Let's Speak Arabic, Unit One Lesson One

I am appealing to you today to please click on the link below to my charity appeal and make a donation to help me complete the project of building an educational Resources Centre and a public library in my hometown Ogbomosho south western Nigeria. Please consider making a donation to my charity "Helping Hands for Education" and click on this link: The ‘Let’s Speak Arabic’ series aims to teach Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) to non-Arabic speakers. The series assumes no prior knowledge of Arabic and thus is suitable for absolute beginners. MSA is the formal form of Arabic understood across the Middle East and used in the fields of education, diplomacy, business, and the media. That said, this series also teaches some colloquial (dialectal) words and phrases that are in widespread usage. Moreover, certain cultural and religious customs and norms are explained during the series. The series primarily uses Latin script to represent the Arabic text, but it is also supported by the Arabic script for those who can already read and write vocalized Arabic. Those wishing to learn to read and write the Arabic script may be interested in my other YouTube series, ‘Arabic from the Beginning Part One. The ‘Let’s Speak Arabic’ series is subdivided into units. This unit, Unit One, teaches Arabic greetings; various ways of saying ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’; introducing oneself; asking about someone’s health and appropriate responses; asking after someone’s marital status, nationality, occupation, and whether he/she has children; as well as general points of etiquette. Lesson One: Greetings and Etiquette At the beginning of this lesson, I give an overview of the course, followed by a lesson on greetings and cultural etiquette. You will learn several ways of saying hello and welcome in Arabic, together with the correct replies. The etiquette of greeting people is also explained.


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