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Title:NWR NRS - Thomas & his Coaches Part 1: Responsible

THIS VIDEO IS INTENDED FOR GENERAL AUDIENCES As I stated before, I'm doing what's basically ready and with this, on the verge of being entirely done out of the now five books I've been working on since Tricks & Trouble, I decided to release this as it jumps back in the timeline just to show I'm not doing it in chronological order as it's easier to produce what I can. This would have been the second book I'd release, but after a few issues the original plan had to be changed so this is first and then by hopefully February the next book comes along So here we are with "Thomas & his Coaches" a concept that I've had for a while now as no one had really done many stories before "Tank Engine Thomas Again" and right after he got his branch so I'm hoping that this will give people a peace of mind on what I have in store and how the stories are. And I won't lie there might be a few references to other people's content in this book, but I won't spoil anything more Come join my Discord server But I hope you all enjoyed it and are keen on more Kind Regard, TK/Tom Have to say fuck so I can keep my comments


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