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Title:BJ Sam ft Various Artists - You are worthy Jesus (official video)

This is the very first time the whole universe is singing together in harmony. "You Are Worthy Jesus" is a beautiful gospel classic with harmony that will grab you from the very first note and transport you into angelic atmosphere and as the tune progresses you will find all your anxiety relieved. A song beautifully sung in the 12 most popular languages of the world despite the differences in culture, race, ethnic and music diversity. Amazing rhythmic blend of English, French, Chinese, Hindi, Portuguese, Swahili, German, Italian, Igbo, Spanish, Korean, and Arabic. According to BJ sam, he received the song in an heavenly vision in which he heard the angels signing and saying "You are worthy Jesus, to receive glory, honour and power". Which is also found in Revelation 4:11. Just imagine how beautiful the world would if you have more songs like this. Featured singers on this beautiful song include Hollywood actress and Singer Maggie Scott, Australian music star Jessie Eilers, British Folksinger Paul Mirfin, Brazilian music star Catarina Rosa, famous Hong Kong actor and singer Zac Koo, Spanish songstress Rutty Rock, Italian maestro Marcello Ghio and the TieniViva Gospel Voices, Indian Songstre ss Krishna Priya, German Singer Glasmusik, Nigericom singer Richy Gold, Cameroonian songstress Akubai, Kenyan music star Benny Bizzoh, Lebanese Arabic singer Nadine Delyfer, American based singer Adaora, and Hong Kong-Korean singer Wayne Ip. All links: About BJ Sam! BJ Sam is an international singer and producer who assembles extremely gifted musicians and vocalists from all the continents of the world to create beautiful eclectic and delightful music for international projects, advertisement, broadcast, film and digital media. BJ Sam has an incredible legacy of creating music that unifies people across the globe, irrespective of their language, race, color, or creed. He is the only musician who has successfully and repeatedly assembled music icons and celebrities from all the continents for musical collaboration, which has gotten the media industry astonished, wondering how that is made possible. His ability to smoothly crossover genres and switch between French and English has helped to shape his musical style for international appeal. No musician has ever refused to collaborate with him as a result of his beautiful voice and heartfelt lyrics. In the past four years he has featured musicians and singers from over 100 nations on his projects. Song Title: You're worthy Jesus UPC: 859742815676 ISRC: TCAFD2042712 For more information, interview, license, performance etc email, +1 (917) 922-1670 connect with @bjsammusic on LinkedIn, Instagram , Twitter   #worshipsongs #praise #winnerschapel     Lyrics All nations Will praise your name oh Lord For your wonderful love Towards us You've so faithful We are so thankful For your mercy and goodness We've come to say 珍貴耶穌 為何愛我 我是誰 你十架淌的血 是為了讓我可以飛 Quando eu contemplo os céus Trabalho de suas mãos A lua e as estrelas que você criou: All der Segen kommt von dir So verneigen wir uns vor deinem Thron Nehm die Krone ab um zu sagen You're worthy Jesus You're worthy Jesus I give you glory, honour and power I give you glory, honour and power Eres digno Jesus Eres digno Jesus Te doy gloria, honor y poder Te doy gloria, honor y poder Tu es digne Seigneur Tu es digne Jésus Reçois la gloire, l'honneur et la puissance Reçois la gloire, l'honneur et la puissance Jesus Christ The creator of the universe We join the angels To adore you today When I considered all The works of your hands The moon and stars in heaven That you have created I can only worship you Mio buon Signore Non son degno del Tuo grande Amore Hai versato sangue per salvarmi Ed innalzarmi accanto a Te You've brought sunshine to my life The universe can't deny your brilliance You've brought sunshine to my life Even the blind can see your radiance कीमती येशु मै कैसे ,तेरी तारीफ़ करू मुझे बचाने को अपना लहू, बहा दिया। तूने भेजी रोशनी इस जीवन में के ब्रंभांड भी नकार न सकता तूने भेजी रोशनी इस जीवन में एक अंधा भी चमक तेरी देखले। Wastahili bwana wastahili Yesu Wastahili bwana wastahili Yesu Utukufu, Heshima na Nguvu ni zako ooh Utukufu, Heshima na Nguvu ni zako ooh عظيم انتَ يا يسوع تهديني المجد والقوة والكرامة عظيم انتَ يا يسوع تهديني المجد والقوة والكرامة Sei degno Signore Sei degno Signore A Te Gloria, Lode e Potere... A Te Gloria, Lode e Potere... Chineke ikwesiri ekele muo Otuto nine Nsopuru nine Ike nine Diri gi Onyewem idiri obimnma Onyewem idiri obimnma Yahweh We've come to worship you We join the angels To worship you 숭배합니다 천사들과 함께 숭배합니다 여호와를 숭배합니다 천사들과 함께 숭배합니다 @hillsongworship @elevationworship @CasaWorship @DinhcongmenhklBlogspot @Unfnshdstories @MorningWorshipSongsPrayer @TBN @abscbnentertainment @GoldminesPremiere


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