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Title:Emotional Regulation: Somatic Tools, Feeling Safe, and Self-Acceptance | Being Well

One of the most important skills we can learn is how to regulate ourselves, riding the emotional waves without either ignoring or being overwhelmed by them. Associate therapist Elizabeth Ferreira joins me to explore how we can feel our feelings while staying calm, collected, and in control. We walk through two examples of under- and over-regulation, and Elizabeth offers specific practices that might help in each common situation. Key Topics: 0:00 Introduction 1:40 Creating safety and connection with a new client 6:20 Therapy as an opportunity for reparative experiences 9:40 Learning to regulate when you have traumatized parts 16:55 What’s helped Elizabeth heal patterns of overregulation and dissociation 22:55 A hypothetical dialogue with an overregulated client 28:20 Titration and traumatic release 32:15 Labeling and accepting emotions, and empowering the “wise adult” 39:20 A hypothetical dialogue with an underregulated client 45:35 Celebrating when we notice our patterns 49:00 Movement, tapping, tremoring, journaling, and other practices 53:40 Finding a supportive community 57:00 Being with your body, and following your curiosity 58:35 Recap Subscribe to Being Well on: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Who Am I: I'm Forrest, the co-author of Resilient ( and host of the Being Well Podcast ( I'm making videos focused on simplifying psychology, mental health, and personal growth. I'm not a clinician, and what I say on this channel should not be taken as medical advice. You can follow me here: 🎤 🌍 📸


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