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Title:Installing A Custom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel For My MK5 Toyota Supra!

👋 Check out the new carbon fiber steering wheel for my manual Toyota Supra! This new wheel from GR Store has a flat bottom design, carbon fiber on the bottom with trim, white stitching and even a center stripe! In todays video I show how to remove your factory steering wheel from the MK5 Toyota Supra and replace it with an aftermarket steering wheel! Removing the steering wheel out of my 2023 Supra wasn't all too difficult. Hardest part is finding the springs to pop off the airbag. Once that's out it pretty easy disassembling the parts. I even replaced the airbag cover with a leather cover that has white contrast stitching with a gloss black Toyota badge! GR Store has a really nice selection of custom steering wheels in different color leather, alcantara, stitching options and carbon fiber pieces. I really like the smooth black leather I went with to match OEM. And the carbon fiber on the bottom matches perfect to the carbon fiber center console. The white stripe ties in the white stitching found in the Supra, and the steering wheel even says Supra on the bottom trim piece. The new leather airbag cover really ties it all togehter giving the Supra a sporty steering wheel! To replace the airbag cover you do need to careful pull the airbag itself out of the stock housing and make sure you keep it folded to fit in the new housing properly. The buttons on the stock wheel have two screws holding them in and then you can easily pull that whole piece off and transfer to the new steering wheel. Overall installing a new steering wheel on the Supra was pretty straight forward and I love the result! The GR Store steering wheel looks like an OEM quality product and really ads to the design of the Supra interior to make it even more sporty! They carry steering wheels for automatic Supras which will have cut out identical to factory for your paddle shifters, but you can also order a manual steering wheel which will be smooth on the backside. Check out GR Store, now Marvel Motorsports for Supra steering wheels, Airbag Covers, Paddle Shifters and more! Use Promo Code 'BROSFOURRSPEED' to save 5% on your order! Follow them on Instagram: @marvelmotorsports 🤠 Check Out Our Aftermarket Supra Part Website!! - Our Car Accessories: Order a Pedal Commander Here: Order LED lights and All Weather Floor Mats Here! SAVE 10% by using "Brosfourrspeed10" Our Equipment: - Cannon M50: - Rode Mic: - Joby Suction: - 64GB SD Card: - GoPro Hero 10: - DJI Mavic Mini: - Apple MacBook Pro: - LowePro Bag: - Tripod: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Installing A Custom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel For My MK5 Toyota Supra! Music By: #steeringwheelreplacement #suprasteeringwheel #toyotasuprasteeringwheelremoval


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