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Title:kmoe Interview - The Backlight Podcast Ep. 13

this week i sat down with kmoe to talk failing music production class, being recognized in public and overhearing classmates discuss certain artists in school. you can find kmoe @kmoethekid or @kmoethekid on all platforms, or follow him directly here: listen to kmoe's recent single "it gets lonely" here! join the GOOP HOUSE discord server and start creating today! and while you're at it, you can follow shirin, the organizer behind GOOP HOUSE here: and you can follow BACKLIGHT here: and you can follow noah, the interviewer, here: intro sound/graphics supplied by our amazing graphic designer bryce, you can find his work here: additional graphics supplied by our lovely graphic designer rei, you can find her instagram here: listen to quannnic's album "kenopsia" here: and here are each of the artists kmoe mentioned in the interview! bb: elxnce: dltzk: quannnic: scarlet: carbine: oddysee: imogen heap: the sundays: twerknation28: heartstopmiami: tropes: abstrekt: abstrektbeats: timestamps for each question: 0:00 intro 1:55 how did you make wide eyes? 3:31 do you have any secret talents other than music? 4:25 why didn't you release much music in 2021? 5:35 how do you break out of writers block/scope creep? 6:55 production techniques that should be left in 2021? 8:07 production techniques that deserve more love in 2022? 8:21 how tall are you? 9:14 what's it like having your vocals remixed by so many other artists? 11:19 funniest interactions you've had with fans? 12:35 advice for artists just starting out? 15:06 how do you look back on your earlier music? 16:45 do you ever rework songs from years ago? 17:43 do you like your m1 macbook? 18:51 tech purchases of yours that have been worth the money? 21:10 BONUS: kmoe's mastering chain 21:32 tech purchases of yours that HAVEN'T been worth the money? 22:25 biggest thing you learned from dltzk? 23:54 funniest interactions you've had with members of the hyperpop community? 26:26 you failed a music production class? 27:14 is learning music theory more helpful or hurtful? 30:19 is art/music school necessary? 33:01 biggest lesson you learned from performing live? 36:13 cultural divides between you and american friends? 36:50 any anxiety about recording in a studio? 38:30 most scuffed project file you've ever worked in? 41:53 best small artists we should listen to? (links in desc) 44:13 artists you want to collaborate with? 45:00 things you want to accomplish this year? 45:58 outro


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