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Title:Legend of Legaia Playthrough - Second Half (No Commentary)

Legend of Legaia series: I remember playing a demo for this way back in the day but I never got to play the full game. Well, until now. This had to be split due to length. This playthrough has been edited to remove pretty much everything that isn't story related. Grinding, excessive travel, dungeon crawling, vendor time, menu usage and so on. This video is not meant to be a walkthrough or guide. It's aimed at people who want the story in full without having to deal with everything else or watch someone deal with everything else. All mandatory battles are shown. I include the optional scenes in Sol. There are very few optional scenes in the game and the dance mini-game is probably memorable. There are four endings based on the dialogue choice at the end. I went with what I felt was best. At the end, you can see various results such as total play time, number of deaths and so on. Slowdown is accurately reproduced in Beetle. I am using Vulkan rendering along with PGXP. 00:00 Karisto/Sol 52:49 Warrior's Square 1:20:11 Buma/Usha 1:36:00 Uru Mias 2:26:17 Nivora Ravine 2:32:53 Delilas Family Shenanigans 3:03:35 Koru 3:32:36 Mt. Dhini/Soren Camp 3:40:49 Floating Castle 4:06:23 Conkram 4:24:57 Rogue's Tower 4:51:43 Jette's Fortress 5:32:06 Return to Conkram 5:58:42 Seru-kai 6:34:45 Bio Castle 6:44:16 Final Boss 7:00:04 Ending 7:15:20 Credits 7:24:11 Completion Report


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