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Title:I made a Possessed Sheep / Cult of the Lamb

An adorable, murderous, satanic cult with followers that want you to make them bowls of poop to eat? Where do I sign? Hey! I got a website! AND IT'S FULL OF MERCH! Want to help the channel? Want to buy me a ko-fi? Follow me on instagram! And of course, ya'll know I love me my likes and comments, and if you haven't subscribed yet, now is a great time to do it! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cosclay (my clay of choice) Materials -- Full disclosure: I'm an Amazon affiliate, so any of the links you follow here will help support the channel. It doesn't cost you anything, but I get a little kickback for each purchase made through these links (I like to think of it as taking money right out of Jeff Bezos's pocket)! Usually Used Materials: UV Resin (UK) (USA) (CAN) Mod Podge (Gloss) (UK) (USA) (CAN) Mod Podge (Matte) (UK) (USA) (CAN) Tacky Glue (UK) (USA) (CAN) CA Glue (Super Glue) (UK) (USA) (CAN) Armature Wire (UK) (USA) (CAN) Clay (UK) (USA) (CAN) Translucent Clay (UK) (USA) (CAN) Paints (UK) (USA) (CAN) XPS Foam (UK) (USA) (CAN) My Tools: Sculpting Tools (UK) (USA) (CAN) Silicon Tools (UK) (USA) (CAN) Stabbing Tools (UK) (USA) (CAN) Pasta Maker (UK) (USA) (CAN) Airbrush (UK) (USA) (CAN) Airbrush Booth (UK) (USA) (CAN) Compressor (UK) (USA) (CAN) My Filming Equipment: Camera (UK) (USA) (CAN) Lens (UK) (USA) (CAN) Microphone (UK) (USA) (CAN) Mount (UK) (USA) (CAN) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapters 00:00 - 8 seconds in and already doing puns 00:49 - My 401k 02:19 - HE'S SO FLUFFY 04:12 - Nothing to see here 05:35 - Cursed Nutella 07:38 - Cursed Blueberry Smoothie 08:15 - Cursed Strawberry Jam 08:45 - Stonehendge? 12:02 - I'm in love 13:09 - Merry Lambmas! 15:30 - Glamour Shots _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ #cultofthelamb #resin #polymerclay


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