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Title:4 Reasons To NEVER Use NEEM OIL In Your Garden Again!

In this video, I share 4 reasons to never use neem oil in your garden. Many gardeners believe using neem oil to control pests is harmless, but neem oil use comes with many side effects. I used neem oil for years, but I discontinued use due to lack of effectiveness and problems neem oil caused. I also share superior natural insecticides that are better at controlling insects with less downsides. Cold pressed neem oil contains a natural chemical called azadirachtin, which supposedly can control insects naturally. I did not find that to be the case. I tested organic pest control methods here: I use the following products* to control pests and grow vegetables in my vegetable garden: Natural Pyrethrin Extract: Organic Pyrethrin Extract: Spinosad Concentrate: Cold Pressed Neem Oil: Spray Bottles: Insect Netting (Many Sizes): Jobe's Organic Vegetable Fertilizer (4lbs): Jobe's Fruit & Nut Fertilizer (4lbs): Alaska Fish Fertilizer: Burpee Bone Meal (3lb): Jobe's Bone Meal (4lb): True Organic Blood Meal (3lb): Espoma Plant Tone (36lbs): Jack's All Purpose 20-20-20 (1.5lb): Jack's Blossom Booster 10-30-20 (1.5lb): Jack's / JR Peters All Purpose 20-20-20 (25lb): Jack's Blossom Booster 10-30-20 (25lb): Grow More All Purpose 20-20-20 (25 lb): Full Amazon Store: TABLE OF CONTENTS 0:00 My Experience Using Neem Oil 1:30 Reason #1 4:21 Reason #2 6:14 Reason #3 8:43 Reason #4 11:38 Effective Insect Control Methods 13:56 Adventures With Dale If you have any questions about how to control insects in your garden naturally, want to know about the things I grow in my raised bed vegetable garden and edible landscaping food forest, are looking for more gardening tips and tricks and garden hacks, have questions about vegetable gardening and organic gardening in general, or want to share some DIY and "how to" garden tips and gardening hacks of your own, please ask in the Comments below! *********************************** VISIT MY AMAZON STOREFRONT FOR PRODUCTS I USE MOST OFTEN IN MY GARDEN* *********************************** VISIT MY MERCHANDISE STORE *********************************** SUPPORT MY SECOND CHANNEL! *********************************** EQUIPMENT I MOST OFTEN USE IN MY GARDEN*: Miracle-Gro Soluble All Purpose Plant Food Miracle-Gro Soluble Bloom Booster Plant Food Miracle-Gro Soluble Tomato Plant Food Jack's Fertilizer, 20-20-20, 25 lb. Southern Ag Liquid Copper Fungicide Southern Ag Natural Pyrethrin Concentrate Monterey Organic Spinosad Concentrate Safer Brand Caterpillar Killer (BT Concentrate) Cordless ULV Fogger Machine Weed Barrier with UV Resistance Organza Bags (Fig-size) Organza Bags (Tomato-size) Injection Molded Nursery Pots Heavy Duty Plant Grow Bags 6.5 Inch Hand Pruner Pruning Shears Japanese Pruning Saw with Blade Double Tomato Hooks with Twine String Trellis Tomato Support Clips Nylon Mason Line, 500FT Expandable Vinyl Garden Tape *********************************** SOCIAL MEDIA Follow Me on TWITTER (@NCGardening) Follow Me on INSTAGRAM *********************************** ABOUT MY GARDEN Location: Southeastern NC, Brunswick County (Wilmington area) 34.1°N Latitude Zone 8B *********************************** *As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. © The Millennial Gardener #gardening #garden #gardeningtips #insectcontrol #pestcontrol


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