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Title:How to say YOU in Swedish and more - Swedish personal pronouns - Learn Swedish in a Fun Way!

Learn Swedish personal pronouns. A free Swedish lesson on what Swedish personal pronouns are and how to used them. Come and learn how to say you in Swedish. The plural, the singular, the subject and the object forms of Swedish you. Other things you will learn. How to say I and me in Swedish. How to say he and him in Swedish. How to say she and her in Swedish. How to say we and us in Swedish. How to say you and you in Swedish. How to say the and them in Swedish. What is the difference between de and dem in Swedish? And when to use them. Some Swedish grammar. And lots of Swedish pronunciation tips! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to learn Swedish even faster? Take one of our VIDEO courses and learn the Swedish language at your own pace. Use the links below and get a 10% discount with the promo code SWEDTUBE! 100% BEGINNERS: SEMI BEGINNERS: UPPER BEGINNERS: Or buy them all at the same time and save up to 30%! All beginner Video courses: All beginner + intermediate video courses: SUBSCRIBE for weekly videos about Swedish language and culture and start learning Swedish! ---------------------------------------------------------------- Follow all of these to learn more Swedish in the meantime. • Instagram - • Facebook group - • TikTok - • Twitter - --------------------------------------------------------------------


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