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Title:Did We Just Change Animation Forever... Again?

Our Exclusive Tutorials will teach you how to BUILD YOUR OWN ANIME! Join CorridorDigital with a 14-Day Free Trial ► Discover how our small team was able to take cutting-edge tools and apply in just a few months, making a creative leap in our Anime Rock Paper Scissors series! Limited Edition Anime Rock Paper Scissor 2 Merch ► Available only until August 20th, get yours today in either t-shirt or longsleeve and celebrate this release. The Anime Rock Paper Scissors show is entirely made possible by Members of CorridorDigital, our INDEPENDENT STREAMING PLATFORM. Try a 14-Day Free Trial, and bring Episode 3 to life! ► Written & Directed by Niko Pueringer and Sam Gorski Artists ► Dean Hughes: Animator, Lead Warp Artist, Neuromancer, Prince Jules - Josh Newland: Character & Style Design, Lead Artist - Kenson Lee: Animator Extraordinaire - Mattias Alegro Marasigan: Post-Production Editor, Compositor & Keeper of Timelines - Kytra Selca: Warp Artist - Eric Solorio: Warp Artist - Jan Losada: Warp Artist, Neuromancer - Sound & Music ► Sound Design by Kevin Senzaki - Theme Song by David Maxim Micic - Theme Song Vocals & Translation by Shihori - Music by Sam Gorski - Production & Additional Talent ► Christian Fergerstrom: Producer, AD, Script Supervisor - Jordan Coleman: Costume Designer, Associate Producer - Jordan Allen: Soldiers & Peasants - Merch Design by the incredible Kendrra Thoms Creative Tools ► Created on Puget Systems Computers - Warp Fusion created by Sxela - Composited in DaVinci Resolve and After Effects Chapters ► 00:00 A New Way of Animation? 01:55 Room for Improvement 03:40 The Beard Issue 05:29 Improving the Style of Episode 2 09:36 Close, but no Warp Fusion 14:10 Warp Fusion Results blow Sam's Mind 16:12 A Long Way from Home 19:48 Incredible Stories need Incredible Music 21:42 Finishing the Project


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