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Title:INDIA'S Hippie Beach 🇮🇳 Is It Worth Visiting? Or Overrated?

I also went to 13 North Goa beaches to review them head-to-head: Arambol Beach in Goa has a lot of foreigner tourists, especially Russians, and lots of hippies. In fact, it used to have a big hippie market on the beach each night before the thing happened and things slowed. After being in India since 2018, I had never been though so I wanted to check it out but was curious how it would be. What do you think? Would you visit? Or is there another beach you'd like to see more? Please let us know in the comments. Book hotels & vacation rentals with Tripadvisor: Find low-priced accommodation in Goa with Agoda: Best Priced Travel Insurance: Get Help With Your India Visa: Special thanks to for beautiful music (find them on IG): @highmonkstv @saesha_ayanaya Frequently Asked Questions: Why is Arambol so famous? The beach is over 1km long, it's clean, and there is a market along the nearby road. Sweetwater Lake is just to the north of Arambol and is only accessible by walking along the beach. Russian Beach is to the south of Arambol and is a nice stretch of beach before Mandrem. What part of Goa is Arambol Beach? Arambol Beach is in North Goa 55 km from Panaji, the capitol of Goa. It takes about an hour by bus and 30 mins by taxi. Is Arambol Beach worth visiting? Arambol Beach has more space than many beaches and each night people are playing frisbee, football, and there is small market selling postcards and baked goods. Many foreign tourists visit the area, especially Russians, and some cafes have menus written in Russia. The area is most known for a laidback lifestyle during the day and a busy nightlife with lots of venues for live music like Twice in Nature. Is Arambol Beach safe? In 2020, there were 6 complaints of sexual assault against foreign nationals. Once night falls, many people still walk the beach heading to and from cafes but it is quite long and there are not lights so do travel with friends. I walked the beach at night and felt safe doing so and saw many people in groups and solo doing so. Can we swim in Arambol beach? The water is nice to swim at Arambol with adequate lifeguards for safety. Sweetwater Lake is a freshwater lake just 10 minutes walking along the beach to the north. How long is Arambol Beach? Arambol Beach is about 2.5 kms long. The main beach is about 1 km and takes 20 minutes to walk the length. To the north, you can walk to Sweetwater Lake along a trail that leads to a more secluded beach. To the south is Russian beach which is popular with foreign tourists and busy at night. How much is a taxi from Goa's airport to Arambol? A taxi from Goa's airport in Vasco da Gama to Arambol is 2000 inr if you purchase from the drivers standing outside. If you book your taxi in advance, you can spend 1400 to 1800 inr. You could also take buses for 90 inr. Is Arambol good for family? Arambol is less crowded than many beaches like Baga and Calangute, so if you want to give your children plenty of space to play it is a good option. It also has plenty of options for cafes and resorts on the beach too. Is Aramobol beach clean? Arambol is a very clean beach. The beach area near the market has the most tourists but by walking 5 minutes to the south or north, it becomes very quiet with soft sand. Make a full-time income from your Youtube channel or blog in 24 months? By clicking these links and buying you can get great products at no extra cost, and help support this channel. About Chai Nomad: About Benjamin Jenks: 0:00 Intro 0:31 Walking Arambol Beach 1:14 Is Arambol Beach Clean? 2:40 Beach market 3:00 Russian Beach 3:23 Love Temple 4:00 The Banyan Tree 4:08 Mt Carmel Church 4:21 Giroba Temple 4:50 Best Espresso and Breakfast 5:29 Other-wise Cafe & Boutique 5:59 Shopping at Arambol Market 6:32 Sohashita Boutique 6:55 Things To Eat in Arambol 7:12 Fish Thali 7:28 Cafe Black Pearl 7:34 Mama Momo's Cafe 7:44 Cafe Food Planet for Fresh Seafood 8:53 Cake at Beach Market 9:16 Masala Corn on Beach 9:50 Sweet Lake & Beach 11:21 Arambol Mountain 12:07 Glam & Grill for Dinner and Live Music 12:21 Arambol Nightlife 12:38 How to find good parties in Arambol 12:45 This Is It 12:49 Twice in Nature Open Mic 13:09 Drum Circle at La Vie En Rose FashArt 13:26 Secret Garden 13:32 Summary - Is Arambol Worth Visiting? 14:02 Celebrating Holi Festival #IndiaTravel #ForeignerInIndia #AmericanExpat


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