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Title:OVERRATED! Watches Everyone Loves But We Don't: Omega Speedmaster, Tudor Black Bay + Your Picks

Today I'm joined by engineer turned watch entrepreneur Marc Frankel of Long Island Watch for a brand new #WatchTalk episode where we discuss watches that everyone loves but we don't. In this video we share our personal choices in this category including the Omega Speedmaster and the Tudor Black Bay. We analyze what has caused them to become overrated and overhyped, and we read out some of your comments and nominations for watches you believe have been exalted and promoted far beyond the level they deserve. From the Tissot PRX and the Swatch Moonswatch to the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and the Rolex Submariner, we cover a lot of brands and models. What's a watch that everyone else seems to love but you don't? Please share in the comments! Get your Urban Gentry coffee mug, pint glass, #wristwatchcheck tee, and more official merch: Check out The Urban Gentry Amazon storefront for items in my videos. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases: Check out Marc's channel: Follow The Urban Gentry on Instagram: Join us on Facebook to get your watch or Gentry related questions answered, and engage with some of the community beyond YouTube: Nylon Strap on the Submariner: #watches Thank you for watching The Urban Gentry channel, home of the #wristwatchcheck and #seikosaturday! Check out my other videos for more watch and lifestyle content. On Tag Heuer & Richard Mille: 2024 Watch Industry Predictions: Cash Grab or Worth The Hype?: Nivada Grenchen F77 Review + Audemars Piguet & Patek Alternatives: The Toughest Watch Under $100: Reacting To Your Watch Collection Videos #1: Reacting To Your Watch Collection Videos #2: Reacting To Your Watch Collection Videos #3: A New Watch Collection Review Show You Can Be A Part Of: Watches for Heroes & Villains: Searching for my Final Grail Watch: How To Restore & Service Your Rolex: The Best WW2 Military Reissue - Longines vs Vertex: The Essential Guide to Watches & Strap Pairing: My Watches in Italy: Universal Geneve White Shadow Unboxing: Top 10 Watch Collecting Mistakes: Inside Germany's Most Prestigious Watchmaker: Modern Rolex Watches vs. Vintage: Travel Watches in NYC: A One Watch Collection: The Hidden Meanings of the Luxury Watch: Rolex vs. Tudor Submariner: The Best Everyday Watch Under $30: Seiko Speedmaster - A Watch Icon: Essential Watch Movements: My 2023 EDC: #watchcollecting #watchcollector #omega #rolex #audemarspiguet #swatch #tissot #tudor


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