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Title:The Cabin in The Woods: Guided Sleep Story with Rain Sounds

Relax in your cozy cabin in the woods with this guided sleep story – your safe place, where you can fully let go of the stresses of the day. You will wander through and old forrest, a creak and lake, until it becomes hillier and first raindrops hit the treetops. Then you approach your cabin and can spend the night in safety while listening to the rain... 😴 The Cabin in the Woods – Guided Sleep Story: Relax in a beautiful cabin on a mountain in a pine forest. As the night approaches, only the sounds of rain and thunder can be heard, as well as the light crackling of a soothing fireplace. Rest in your cozy cabin, fully letting go of every day life, and sink into a gentle and restful sleep. Before reaching your cabin, you will explore a beautiful pine forest with a creek and lake. Your journey winds through nature, until you approach the cabin at the end of this sleep story around minute 40. After the story itself, the sounds will continue to play for a little longer, so you can fall asleep with them. #sleepstory #deepsleep #cabin #cabininthewoods #relaxation #sleep #sleepstories #guidedimagery #forestcabin #cabinsleepstory If you wish to support the channel you can do this by becoming a patron for $5 per month. Thank you in advance and here's the link: 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:00:50 - Relaxation 00:07:58 - Cabin in the Woods Sleep Story 00:47:00 - Sounds Website: Sleep Story Playlist: Subscribe: Cabin Sleep Story with Rain and Thunder for Grown Ups – Nature and Cozy Cabin Visit – Original Story Script, Narration, Music and Sound Design by Stephen Dalton – All rights are reserved to the Stephen Dalton Meditation & Sleep Channel (2023).


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