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Title:Why Did Nvidia Invest In These 5 AI Stocks? Should You Buy It, Too?

In this video, I will talk about the 5 AI stocks Nvidia bought at the end of 2023. I'll explain what each company does and why Nvidia invested in those companies. The companies are Soundhound AI, Recursion, Nano X Imaging, TuSimple, and ARM Holdings. Is NVDA stock a buy? πŸ‘‰A portion of this video is sponsored by The Motley Fool. Visit to get access to my special offer. The Motley Fool Stock Advisor returns are 545% as of 1/18/2024 and measured against the S&P 500 returns of 138% as of 1/18/2024. Past performance is not an indicator of future results. All investing involves a risk of loss. Individual investment results may vary, not all Motley Fool Stock Advisor picks have performed as well. πŸ“™ Get Top 10 Best Stock Picks: 😎 20% OFF Koyfin: πŸ”–Follow Me On X: πŸ”₯30% OFF Seeking Alpha Premium: πŸ”₯Join this channel to get access to perks: 🍯 Join Honey! It's free: πŸ”–Join my FREE newsletter: ⚽️ Merchandise: WATCH NEXT: β—‹ LOWER Your Tesla Stock Expectation in 2024: β—‹ Super Investors Just Bought These stocks: β—‹My Top 3 Stock Picks For 2024: β—‹ 3 Top AI Stocks Not Named Nvidia to Buy in 2024: β—‹ Secretly Amazon's Biggest MOAT: β—‹ If I Could Only Buy 3 Stocks Forever: Don't forget to do your own research before buying into a stock! DISCLAIMER: I do not provide personal investment advice and I am not a qualified licensed investment advisor. All information found here, including any ideas, opinions, views, predictions, forecasts, commentaries, suggestions, or stock picks, expressed or implied herein, are for informational, entertainment, or educational purposes only and should not be construed as personal investment advice. While the information provided is believed to be accurate, it may include errors or inaccuracies. I will not and cannot be held liable for any actions you take as a result of anything you read and/or view here. #nvidia #investing #nvda


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