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Title:The entire MCU except it's just the memes

I see this as an absolute win. I did this with the Star Wars Prequels too: Iron Man: The Jericho: 0:03 Avengers: I recognize the council has made a decision: 0:09 We have a hulk: 0:16 Ant-Man: He's so ugly: 0:28 Winter Soldier: On your left: 0:45 Dr. Strange: I've come to bargain: 0:56 Spider-Man Homecoming: So, you got detention: 1:08 Thor Ragnarok: I've never met this man in my life: 1:32 Yes!!!: 1:44 Because that's what heroes do: 1:55 Is he though: 2:23 The revolution has begun: 2:50 Get help: 3:07 You can't defeat me: 3:32 Infinity War: We're all going to die: 4:01 It's a simple spell but quite unbreakable: 4:17 Perfectly Balanced: 4:29 Invisible Drax: 4:43 I like him: 5:12 Why is Gamora: 5:24 I guide others to a treasure I cannot posses: 5:37 I'm sorry little one: 5:58 We don't do that here: 6:12 Strange going through possible future: 6:27 How many timelines did you see?: 6:44 You're home?: 6:57 The hardest choices require the strongest wills: 7:15 All that for a drop of blood?: 7:24 He mourns: 7:33 Captain America holding back Thanos (had to cut the sound cuz copyright): 7:45 Thanos pulling out the mind stone: 7:58 Thanos getting all the stone: 8:03 You should have gone for the head: 8:14 Did you do it? What did it cost?: 8:29 To ashes to ashes, to dust to dust: 8:46 Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good: 9:03 Endgame: Gone, reduced to atoms: 9:23 I used the stones to destroy the stones: 9:29 What the hell happened here?: 9:40 The guy who saved the universe: 9:54 These are confusing times: 10:07 I see this as an absolute win: 10:19 Hulk gives Ant-Man a taco: 10:30 You shouldn't be here: 10:43 Don't do that, don't give me hope: 11:00 Fat thor: 11:12 Hulk embarrassed of future self: 11:23 You're weak: 11:41 I'm still worthy: 11:47 Hail Hydra: 11:58 You new here?: 12:11 It's like I was meant for this: 12:23 Hulk using the stones: 12:32 Thor thumbs up: 12:38 Where did that bring you? Back to me: 12:52 Portals opening: 13:03 You took everything from me: 13:36 Rain fire: 13:45 Dr. Strange holding up a finger: 13:59 I am inevitable: 14:12 I am Iron Man: 14:23 We won Mr. Stark: 14:36 No, I don't think I will: 14:52 Nick Fury talking to Peter Parker: 15:10 Now this is an Avengers level threat: 15:23 Ok, new plan: 15:32 Social Media: Dank Memes Page: Meme Archive Page: Personal Account:


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