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Title:Excel VBA Beginner Tutorial

Excel VBA Beginner Tutorial Get Ad-Free Training by becoming a member today! Exercise Files: Who it's for: Business Analysts, Data Scientists, and everyone in between looking to write their own rulebook on what’s possible in Excel. What it is: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is the programming language for Excel and other Microsoft Office programs. VBA is used to automate repetitive processes and frequent actions. Even more, it can be used to build tools that otherwise don’t exist in Excel. What you'll learn: In this series, users will be guided through the foundational concepts of VBA in Excel. Users will learn to build macros from the ground up, starting with recording macros that require little to no code, and working towards building their own macros using crucial VBA concepts such as Loop, If Then, and other complex functions. For ad free training and certificates please join Learnit Anytime: Enroll in our live, instructor-led Excel VBA class: For Private Group Trainings please visit: Manuals: Username: manuals Password: password Start 0:00 Introduction 0:03 What is VBA? 1:44 Object Oriented Programming Languages 5:59 Turning on the Developer Tab 10:17 The Macro Recorder 13:40 Using Relative References 20:39 Recording Simple Macros 27:51 Multi-Step Macro Recording 39:25 Sort and Filter Macro Recording 45:26 Protecting and Formatting Sheets with the Macro Recorder 51:35 VBA Interface Setup 55:09 Recorder Code vs. Manual Code 1:01:11 Introduction to Editing Macros 1:12:28 Debugging Macros 1:16:53 Grammar in VBA 1:28:00 Macro Scripting Basics 1:33:04 Range 1:40:41 Selection & Color 1:47:14 Value and Clear 1:52:16 ActiveSheet, Sheets, and Name 1:54:01 CurrentRegion 1:56:40 Practice 1:58:08 #ExcelVBA (C) 2021 Learnit, Inc. Any illegal reproduction of this content will result in immediate legal action.


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