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Title:Decoding Putin and Xi's blueprint for a new world order | DW Analysis

China and Russia are getting closer. Rather than distancing himself from Vladimir Putin over his war against Ukraine, Xi Jinping is doubling down on the relationship. And Putin is becoming more and more dependent on Xi as an economic, military and geopolitical lifeline. Why is this happening? What do Xi and Putin want to achieve? And what does their relationship mean for the rest of the world? DW’s Richard Walker goes on a deep dive into the roots of the Moscow-Beijing relationship. Finding how the two sides are an economic “match made in heaven.” How China’s People Liberation Army wouldn’t be where it is today without military supplies from Russia when it was frozen out from other suppliers. And how the personal bond between Putin and Xi is feeding into a joint mission by the two men to reshape the world. This relationship has potentially deep implications for every nation on earth. In part 3, we explore the impact in three areas currently underestimated by many: the prospect of joint China-Russia nuclear weapons planning, the impact on India of Russia becoming subordinate to China, and the implications for the endgame of the Ukraine war. Featuring interviews with leading experts including Alexander Gabuev, Bonnie Glaser, Zhou Bo, Garima Mohan, Wang Huiyao and Decker Eveleth. Chapters 0:00 Introduction 4:05 Military ties 7:15 Post Cold War 9:45 The Munich speech 12:20 Georgia & Ukraine 14:30 Xi comes to power 16:55 China’s 2049 goals 19:55 The Xi-Putin bond 23:25 Paranoia 26:41 BRICS 28:24 No alliance 30:31 China’s new nukes 33:38 Nuclear arms race? 38:15 India-China dispute 41:10 “Scary” 43:50 Russia spoiler 47:05 China-Ukraine 50:49 Nuclear threats 52:50 Scenarios Subscribe: For more news go to: Follow DW on social media: ►Facebook: ►Twitter: ►Instagram: ►Twitch: Für Videos in deutscher Sprache besuchen Sie: #Russia #China #geopolitics


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