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Title:Secrets and Their Origins Season 3 Opening Credits

Hey Guys! It's been a While... The Last Video from this Series was "Secrets and their Origins" Season 2 Opening, uploaded about 4 Years Ago. But now...the Story continues At First, here a Recap about Season 1 and 2: Billy, the Angel of Darkness Part of the Angel's Prophecy, Group Member of the Guardian Angels with Joey, Alex,Kat and Jason have to move on to New York with his Parents He breaks up with Jason, and teamup with Brandon, who he's met in Liberty City. Billy makes new Friends with Samantha, a Huntriss and Ava, the Sister from Brandon and finds a New Mission for himself get's the Secret behind the Prophecy. He discover, that he is a Vampire Slayer. his Blood ties with the Vampire Slayer Line, and that changes everything for him. He thought, there was a Reason behind the Angel Prophecy, but there is no reason behind it. Living in New York, Billy has to Fights against Many Monsters, Demons and other Creatures. Come across that he is a Vampire Slayer, his Point of View going to Change, and finds out that there are more mysteries moving around him. Season 3 [Finally xD]: Billy and his Team has to deal with Demonic Childrens, and he discover that he has a connection to them. The Hunters met Patrick, a Cousin from Joey and Alex who also is a Angel and Jason joins the Team and reunites with Billy. They Experiences her Love each Other again, but trouble is always waiting in the background... Jason has a Premonition, that Billy's Dad is a Demon and the Group tells him, but he doesn't believe them. It came out, that after Billy met Jason as a Child in Liberty City, he got possessed by an Demon names Pazuzu and to save him, his Dads Bernard makes a Deal and offer his Body to this Demon. Pazuzu wants to spread Fear and Despair, and he uses his Demonic Kids to do that. Billy discover that Jason was right and looks with his Mom Catherine a way to save his Dad, the Group talks together about options, and what they gonna do it, if he can't save dad... Pazuzu possessed his Dad so long, that his Soul couldn't stand it at long, and in the end his Dad was gone. Billy wanted to save his Dad, wants go backs in Time and saves his Dad before it was too late but Jason tells him, that if he gonna do that, it could backfire at him, that he could save his Dad, but would lose his Mom instead indicates directly, Joey had already experienced that and in the end, Billy couldn't save his Dad and have to Vanquish Pazuzu in the Body of his Dad. The Official Season 3 Opening from Secrets and Their Origins! Next one is maybe Season 4 of Secrets and Their Origins, i don't know. I'll hope ya like it! The Opening is Part from the Remake Series. it takes at the same time with City of Angels Season 5 Big Thanks for @KotoriMendes33 for the New Logo Animation of this Series! Cast: Steven R. McQueen as Billy Summers [Guardian Angel of Darkness - Vampire Slayer] Chris Evans as Jason Bailey [Guardian Angel of Fire] Jake Abel as Brandon Grace [Hunter] Janel Parrish as Ava Grace [Huntriss] Crystal Reed as Samantha Smith [Huntriss] Sam McCarthy as Patrick Cavanauth [Angel] Mila Jovovich as Catherine Summers Julian McMahon as Bernhard Summers if you love it,so please like and don't forget to subscribe Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment news reporting,teaching,scholarship,and research. Fair use is that might otherwise be infringing.


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