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Title:Backend for Frontend Pattern in Microservices

System Design for SDE-2 and above: System Design for Beginners: Redis Internals: Build Your Own Redis / DNS / BitTorrent / SQLite - with CodeCrafters. Sign up and get 40% off - In this video, I discussed the challenge of serving multiple types of clients as an application evolves, leading to a complex backend with various hacks. I introduced the architectural pattern called Back End for Front End (BFF) used in microservices to address this issue. BFF acts as a presentation layer between the core backend system and clients, filtering out unnecessary data for each client type. It enhances user experience, minimizes network bandwidth usage, and allows for client-specific tweaks without impacting the backend. This pattern is beneficial for both monolithic and microservices architectures. # Recommended videos and playlists If you liked this video, you will find the following videos and playlists helpful System Design: Designing Microservices: Database Engineering: Concurrency In-depth: Research paper dissections: Outage Dissections: Hash Table Internals: Bittorrent Internals: # Things you will find amusing Knowledge Base: Bookshelf: Papershelf: # Other socials I keep writing and sharing my practical experience and learnings every day, so if you resonate then follow along. I keep it no fluff. LinkedIn: Twitter: Weekly Newsletter: Thank you for watching and supporting! it means a ton. I am on a mission to bring out the best engineering stories from around the world and make you all fall in love with engineering. If you resonate with this then follow along, I always keep it no-fluff.


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