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Title:we found VOLCANO CATS!!? a Rescue Mission on pirate island possibly turns into new family pets 🌋

and playing in the front yard with Adley Niko n Navey 🏹🪠 JOIN OUR FAM!! --- Best Cats Day Ever 1354 You may have heard us talk about this, but over that last few months we have seen cats here an there around pirate island. We haven't really known what to do...until now! We head to the lake where Adley, Niko, and Navey sneak up on the pirate ship with mom and dad to see if we can find them. Jenny has also seen them over by the volcano so after a little hide n seek like looking on the beach we head through Fairy Forest and the lava bumps over to the volcano! We have given them food and water in the past to make sure they are taken care of but today we are going to catch them. Our really good friend Megan has some humane traps that we are going use so that we can get them safe and sound. She has caught over 100 cats in here years of doing this so she knows what she is doing. When we have them Megan will take them to a vet to get their shots, microchipped, and fixed. After the family scouts out pirate island for the cats, Megan shows up and she teaches us how to set up the traps. Adley really loves to learn this stuff so she is all over it. We put traps by the volcano, on the doc and by the pirate ship. Now it's just the waiting game. We head back to our house where we are hanging out in the front yard. Niko got a brand new toy, a bow and arrows, that the whole family want to give a try. Adley and Navey put on some giant pumpkins so they can be the targets. Niko on his first try gets Adley, and on his second try, gets a prefect trick shot on Navey! We run around and have fun, pretend playing we have forts and bases. We also so Orangey, our neighborhood cat. She just makes us want to get our new pets even more. Jenny family is wanting to go for a quick hike before it gets dark, so we dress up in our warm winter workshop cloths and head to the mountians. There is a giant flag flying up in this canyon and we are hoping to see it. As we start walking the trail, we see a huge group carrying the flag down the trail. That's ok, cause we can still go on a fun family hike and see some beautiful sights! It's time to go check the traps! Megan is already back and she shows us that we have already caught two kittens. They are so cute!! We walk around to check all the other traps and so far they are still empty. About an hour later, Niko and Navey have already done their bed time routine, so Adley and I go back to check and we find that by the volcano we caught the mom cat!! So exciting we have the whole family. A few days go by and Jenny and the kiddos meet up with Megan again at pirate island. This time to release the cats over by the volcano, cause they are volcano cats! We did catch a fourth cat, and he was a little spicey, so we don't think he was part of our volcano cat family. Jenny and Adley decide that they should let him go over by the dock so he can head off how he would like. We hope the cats stick around and become our Pirate island family pets! We're going to help them stay warm this winter and we'll hopfully see lots of them around!! \\\\ Watch Adley's last video: REAL LiFE or ROBLOX with RAiNBOW GHOSTS!! Adley, Niko, & Navey play our favorite games iRL or iPAD -- Watch yesterday's Best Day Ever: Lava Monster then SPACESTATiON PARTY!! Celebrating People and Creativity for a special Best Day Ever -- //// snag some sweet Spacestation merch --- Find me on any social media @Shonduras!! Don't forget to get Adley's free apps: UNICORN CATCH Apple -- Google Play Store -- ADLEY'S PLAYSPACE Apple -- Google Play Store -- Best Music Ever: FUN WITH ADLEY: DAD'S SPACESTATION: FAMILY INSTAGRAMS: *highfive* (leave a highfive in the comments if you read this far)


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