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Title:How To Play 5 Fast Rock Guitar Licks - Beginners Lead Guitar Lesson

Find the backing tracks, tab, write up and scales free here: 👉 Full Lead Guitar Beginners course here 👉 (website) 👉 (Youtube Playlist) #rocklicks #yourguitaracademy #beginnersguitar ⏲ Time Stamps Lick #1: 01:26 Lick #2: 09:19 Lick #3: 15:06 Lick #4: 18:59 Lick #5: 22:10 ---------------------------------- 🎸 Lesson Summary 5 Fast Rock Guitar Licks For Beginners. So you're a beginner and you're starting to learn lead guitar... Perfect! In this lesson, we introduce you to a great technique that will help you play fast rock guitar in no time! We tackle 5 licks in this style and even provide the backing track and tab for every single lick. Enjoy! Let's begin by taking a look at the E minor pentatonic scale, which is the scale that we are playing through in each of the 5 licks. It is so important to be able to attribute a lick to a scale shape or arpeggio, as this will allow you to use the lick in other keys and in your own improvisation. (See Website) --------------------------------- 🎸LEARN WITH OUR FULL GUITAR COURSES (100% FREE) 😀 BEGINNERS COURSES ► Acoustic Guitar Essentials ► Electric Guitar Essentials ► Master Barre Chords ► Lead Guitar Essentials ► Guitar Gym Fun INTERMEDIATE COURSES ► CAGED Chord Mastery ► How To Solo Like A Pro ► Combining Chords & Lead ► Pentatonic Guitar Gym PLAYER STUDIES ► David Gilmour ► John Mayer ► Stevie Ray Vaughan ► Jimmy Page THEORY LAB ► The Essential Theory Course ► Scale Harmonisation ► The Modes ---------------------------------- How To Play 5 Fast Rock Guitar Licks - Beginners Lead Guitar Lesson. Check out the website for the full write up absolutely free! 👉 More from Your Guitar Academy ► WEBSITE: ► FACEBOOK: ► INSTAGRAM: Above all, keep learning and keep having fun! 😀😀😀


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