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Title:12 Hours of Incredible Game Music for the Sharp X68000

My personal mix of nearly 300 songs, all from X68000 games. This collection of MDX files is played through MDXWin. Many of the files have been made/converted by the community, and file names/descriptions are left as found. Some are more accurate to the original game's music than others, but they're all good tunes so please enjoy! Want more? Original Music, Arrangements, and Covers: Special thanks to NFGgames, neko68k, eidis, and others for the excellent collection. Keep the scene alive ! Follow me: Games Included: 38 Man Kilo no Kokuu (38万キロの虚空) After Burner Akazukin Cha Cha Cha Algarna (アルガーナ) Aquales Asuka 120% Burning Fest (あすか120%) Axis (Final Zone) Ayayo's After Five (はっちゃけあやよさん) Barusa no Fukushu Bomberman Bosconian Butasan Quest Can Can Bunny Superior Carat - Magical Block Castlevania (Akumajo Dracula/悪魔城ドラキュラ) Chase H.Q. Cho Ren Sha (超連射68K) Code-Zero Continue Cyber Block Metal Orange EX D-Return Detana!! TwinBee Doukyusei (同級生) Dragon Slayer VI: The Legend of Heroes Dragon Spirit Etoile Princesse (エトワールプリンセス) Emerald Dragon Gamma Planet Genocide Genocide 2 Gradius II: Gofer no Yabo GJ Granada Hellhound If (イフ) Image Fight Knight Arms: The Hyblid Framer Kyuukyoku Senki Gikadiver Lagoon Last Armageddon Lifrain Lipstick Adventure 2 Mad Stalker: Full Metal Forth Mahjong Yuenchi (麻雀遊園地) Mid-Garts Naious Namachukei 68 (生中継68) Neural Gear Overtake Phalanx Pipyan PitaPat Princess Maker River City Ransom (ダウンタウン熱血物語) Revolter Sabnack Shangrlia 2 Shooting 68K Sion 2 Silkroad 2 Slimyer Soft de Hard na Monogatari (ソフトでハードな物語) Sol-Feace Spindizzy 2 Star Trader Starship Rendezvous Strawberry Daisenryaku Novu (ストロベリー大戦略) Super Star Soldier Sword of Legend Lenam Sword of Lxsor Thrice Thunder Blade Thunder Force II Valis II Valist Leznalt Viewpoint Viper-V8: Twin Turbo Words Worth Xak II: Rising of the Redmoon Zan - Kagerou no Toki 闇の血族〜THE PREDESTINED HOMICIDES 起死回生 すとにゃんダッシュ Strip Fighter II' うろつき童子 I also included a couple I couldn't find in MDX format: Buster Cynthia Geograph Seal #chiptune #VGM #X68000


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