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Title:An Introduction To The Coffee Roasting Profile

This is an introduction to the coffee roasting profile series. Together we will begin to understand what a coffee roasting profile is. We will also look at all of the variables that influence a coffee roasting profile. This is not a simple topic with a singular answer. We will be asking "how do I know what profile to use to roast great coffee?" in this series. We will equip ourselves to answer that question and roast some great coffee. Please join me as we begin the peel the onion and have fun as we work through this together. Download the FREE Coffee Roasting Profile Worksheet here: Have my videos been helpful for you? Consider buying me a coffee here - Share your comments or questions in the comments are below the video. Video Timeline 0:00 An Introduction To The Coffee Roasting Profile 0:10 What is a coffee roasting profile? 0:55 How do I know what profile to use when I roast coffee at home? 1:23 The Biggest influence on our profile is the coffee-roasting equipment 3:15 The type of coffee beans we roast will influence our profile 3:35 Coffee Bean Density influences the profile 5:22 Coffee Bean Process 5:33 Bean Size 5:36 Batch Size 6:25 The Roasting Environment temperatures will influence the roasting profile 6:46 The Roast Ending Temperature / Roast Level (How Dark We Roast) will influence the roasting profile 8:15 The Beginnings of a Coffee Roasting Plan What type of questions do you have about home coffee roasting. Comment below OR go to my community tab and answer my post! - CHECK OUT MY COMMUNITY TAB! - What type of coffee roaster device are you using to roast coffee at home? TAKE THE POLL! Here are some really helpful resources: Coffee Roasting Timer Color Is King - Roasting with Sight & Smell - Identifying Coffee Roasting Events - What type of questions do you have about home coffee roasting. Comment below OR go to my community tab and answer my post! What topics would you like to see on my channel? Comment in my community post I have an Amazon store featuring home coffee roasters and brewing supplies. You can shop through my store without any extra cost, and I will earn a commission that supports this channel.. - Here are some direct links to the various coffee supplies I use: If you click on these links I may receive a commission that helps support this channel If you are looking for a decent everyday coffee to get started roasting coffee at home, consider this 3 LB Nicaragua fresh green coffee beans (Amazon’s Choice) - Kettle Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Goose-neck Kettle - Bonavita 1 Liter Kettle - Bonavita 1.7 Liter Kettle - Grinder Fellow Ode Burr Grinder (Gen 1) - Fellow Ode Burr Grinder (Gen 2) - Baratza Encore Burr Grinder Scale Coffee Scale With Timer - Better Scale (OXO Brand) - Immersion Brewers Clever Dripper - French Press - Percolation/Pour-Over Brewers & Supplies Kalita 155 Stainless Steel Dripper - Kalita 155 Stainless Paper Filters - Kalita 185 Stainless Steel Dripper - Kalita 185 Paper Filters - I roast coffee on my Mill City 500-gram commercial coffee roaster every week. I also use a Behmor and a hot-air popcorn popper to roast some great coffee. Join me as we roast, brew, and cup coffee every week at home. Do you roast coffee at home? Do you craft single-serve coffee and if so, what brewing method do you like? Please share your comments and be sure to like this video! About Me: I am a coffee enthusiast who roasts coffee from home on my sample-size commercial drum coffee roaster. Coffee has been in my life for over 40 years, whether I was selling it or roasting it, I want to share my passion with you. Supplies to Build Your Coffee Cart & Organize 24x48x63 wire rack (wheels not included) - Wheels (set of 4) - Hefty 15 Quart Storage Bins - Music: Jazzeton - Quincas Moreira #HomeCoffeeRoaster #HowToRoastCoffee #CoffeeBrewingMethods


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