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Title:CALM TRANCE of Soft Shamanic Drumming +Psychedelic Guided Meditation | Consciousness

➤➤ My old ASMR videos only available here. Zero ads, zero downloads: ➤➤ Collaborate with me on Patreon! Dive into a transcendent journey with our 30-minute Shamanic Drumming Meditation, perfectly blended with psychedelic visuals and guided pathways to elevate your consciousness. This session isn't just a meditation; it's an expedition into the depths of your mind, powered by the rhythmic pulse of shamanic drums and enveloped in a kaleidoscope of psychedelic visuals. Whether you're seeking a profound sleep experience or a voyage to higher consciousness, this guided meditation offers a unique blend of shamanic drumming journey sleep and psychedelic meditation visuals, all designed to transport you beyond the ordinary. Experience the hypnotic allure of shamanic drums, coupled with the mesmerizing charm of psychedelic female vocal tones, creating a soundscape that's both captivating and deeply relaxing. Perfect for anyone looking to explore the realms of nonduality sleep meditation or simply unwind with some psychedelic visuals relax, this session promises not just to soothe but to inspire and awaken. Shot in stunning 4k quality, every moment of this meditation is an invitation to delve into a world of inner peace and outer wonder. Join us on this 30-minute escape to rediscover the bliss of guided sleep meditation for higher consciousness, underpinned by the grounding beat of shamanic drumming. Don't just meditate—journey with us, guided by Olivia Kissper’s high, through a landscape where time stands still, and every beat is a step closer to your true self. Start your shamanic drumming meditation journey now and let the psychedelic visuals and sounds lead you to a place of profound tranquility and awakening. ➤➤ My old ASMR videos only available here. Zero ads, zero downloads: ➤➤ Check out my latest book on Amazon: THE END OF YOUR STORY: A MIND-BLOWING GUIDE TO SPIRITUAL AWAKENING WITHOUT ANY PRACTICES, HEALING TOOLS, MEDITATION, OR SELF-IMPROVEMENT TECHNIQUES (for serious seekers only) In this unique hybrid between non-fiction and the whimsical world of stories, we’ll draw a parallel between spiritual seeking and the raw, untamed world of dating. Olivia shares her unexpected journey of ending a heart-wrenching codependency without deliberate effort — leading to releasing negative patterns, discovering authenticity, and achieving freedom and self-realization. It will show you how to find true inner peace and liberation by, paradoxically, fully engaging with the duality of stories. ➤➤ Listen to my soul-creation: MINDFLIX - a collection of transformative audio journeys that feel like you're stepping into a lucid dream, where some scenes and characters spring from the depths of your own psyche. It's a mix of immersive fiction sprinkled with facts from your real life, a cinematic audiobook, and a personalized spiritual retreat all rolled into one. Check it out here: ➤➤ Maximize your YouTube channel's growth with TubeBuddy! From saving time with bulk processing to pinpointing your audience with advanced keyword research, this is the tool I rely on. Get a 30-Day Free Trial on any of the TubeBuddy Plan: ➤➤ Microphone I’m using and love because it sounds amazing and easily connects straight to my iPhone for easy recording without external recording devices: (By purchasing through the links above, you're not just getting great value, you're also supporting my channel. Thank you for being part of our community’s growth!) Thank you so much for your likes, comments and shares! They make a difference. #ShamanicDrumming #PsychedelicMeditation #HigherConsciousness #GuidedMeditation #PsychedelicVisuals #Nonduality #ShamanicJourney #SleepMeditation #4kMeditation #OliviaKissper


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