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Title:Retro Gaming Stream! Old Sega games Phantasy Star III Finding Lyle and Lena

Retro Gaming Stream! Old Sega games Phantasy Star III Finding Lyle and Lena. I start off this stream right after getting through the Desert Cave and finding Wren. I walk around the desert for awhile to gain a level or two and then go into the Weather Control Tower and find Lyle and then fix the weather so it's not freezing in the other world. Lyle joins me and I head back to the desert town to get some more supplies and then return to his world, which is not frozen anymore. The towns people are happy to see me and let me use the boat to go to the next area. I gear up and grind up a bit for that gear and then adventure into the fountain in Sushoran based on a tip I received in the previous town of Agoe. The fountain leads me into the dungeon under the Castle, which I couldn't enter due to the door being closed. After completing the dungeon I fight a duel with Lyle to convince him I am worthy and he rejoins the team along with Lena. I head back to town and upgrade Lyle's staffs and get an armor piece for Lena since she almost died in the one fight she was in. Then I save and exit. I will need to level Lena up a bit and get her some more gear before we align the moons and move onto the next area, which should be the final area for the first generation. See you for the next adventure soon! I have been doing some retro gaming on Streams lately with a lot of old NES and SEGA Genesis games. With Phantasy Stars, Zeldas and Final Fantasys likely to be popping up soon. I also have a Raft series going where I am playing through the game with a friend and sharing the adventure with everyone. Check out the rest of the channel if you are interest or... -- Watch live at Escapipe Trick video link: #phantasystar #phantasystar3 #krystynsrl #phantasystarIII #retrogaming #twitchstreamer #krystynsrl


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