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Title:COVID vaccines for kids under 5 still pending with Andrea Garcia, JD, MPH | COVID-19 Update

AMA CXO Todd Unger reviews the timeline for COVID vaccines for kids under 5 with AMA Director of Science, Medicine and Public Health Andrea Garcia. Also covering COVID case numbers, what to expect this summer, how and why you should report positive at-home tests, as well as an increase in monkeypox cases in the U.S. 0:00 AMA COVID-19 Update for June 8, 2022 0:33 Have COVID vaccines for kids under 5 been authorized yet? 2:05 Is the administration working with pediatricians for distribution if/when authorized? 3:12 Only 29% of 5-11 year olds are fully vaccinated 4:03 Recap reports and data for Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna's COVID vaccines for kids 5:34 FDA meeting to debate safety and efficacy of Novavax COVID shot that uses protein-based technology 6:58 COVID cases are still increasing across many U.S. states, but there are signs of improvement in the Northeast and Midwest 8:27 What we can expect COVID-wise this summer? 9:18 More at-home testing and less self-reported results have made official COVID case counts an increasingly unreliable measure 10:10 Should report your at-home COVID test result to your primary care provider 11:03 Mobile apps,, and many local health departments allow for self-reporting online 12:39 CDC has identified 30 monkeypox cases in 13 states Stay up to date on the latest information about the pandemic: Visit the COVID-19 Daily Video Updates page for more videos in this series:


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