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Title:Call of Duty Retrospective | Treyarch

Welcome back Appreciators! This is Part 2/4 in my Call of Duty Retrospective series; this time we are speaking about the history of Treyarch and evaluating each game they have developed for the series. Thank you for all the support and down below there is a list of sources that I mentioned and some of the corrections to this video. Please comment, like, and subscribe, joining Appreciation Culture! If I missed anything, please comment below, and correct me if I got any information wrong. 0:00:00 - Introduction 0:10:00 - Call of Duty 3 0:29:05 - World at War 1:08:10 - Black Ops 1 1:41:30 - Black Ops 2 2:14:30 - Music Round 2:29:40 - Black Ops 3 2:55:25 - Black Ops 4 3:14:50 - Black Ops: Cold War 3:39:20 - Where are the Developers now? 3:43:00 - Until Next Time These developers try their best when making these games and I want to make sure they appreciated to their fullest even if I disagree with them or critique their games. The Infinity Ward video could be a long while depending on the success of this video so just a heads up if anyone reads down this far. Corrections: A. Call of Duty 3's first mission may have not been a demo for Activision although I do remember reading it (unfortunately that is not a source). B. Call of Duty World at War's multiplayer was not created in under 6 month and that was probably something I heard from a friend and did not fact check. C. I probably butchered the plot for Black Ops 3... or I didn't. I don't know. D. Not really a correction but I feel bad for giving Jack Wall a lot of crap and genuinely believe he is a great composer. I just sound negative when speaking on him. E. Did not touch my feelings on microtransaction systems cause I will do that in Part 4 video. Sources: Zombie Origins (Jesse Snyder Haxington) - Black Ops 3 Open World leaks - Black Ops 4 cancelled plot leaks - Black Ops Cold War all problems with multiplayer (Could not find reddit post that I looked over so I'm just tagging an article instead) - Sources involving anything lawsuit wise that was brought up:,while%20working%20at%20the%20California%20video%20game%20publisher. FOLLOW ME OR SUPPORT ME ON Instagram: @Appreciation_Culture Twitch: @AppreciationCulture #callofduty #mw3 #cod ##gaming #gamingcommunity #gamingvideos #videogames #warzone2 #warzone #treyarch #trending #codwarzone #callofdutywarzone #modernwarfare #modernwarfare3 #sledgehammergames #gamereview #gamereviewschannel #2024


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