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Title:Engage Maddening 0% Growth Efficiency: Finale

Playlist: Turn: 1+1 Total: 90 Staff: Rescue 1/20 Total Ingot cost: 1780 Iron 206 Steel 66 Silver Gacha bond ring: S Dieck, 2 S Eliwood, 2 S Claude, 1 S Lilina, 1 S Mia, 1 S Mae. 1 S Ryoma Donation: Firene/Brodia/Solm/Elusia: 2/3/2/2 As knowledge of the game improves, Sombron is becoming more and more of a slightly beefed version of Idunn. I take liberty to meme around this one for entertainment value. While it's not necessary to Entrap Sombron (I'll show it with a later video), doing so is highly recommended because setting up the next phase can be tricky if you enter the zone where his bigass form locates. His stats aren't impressive; a base Veyle can make good work of him. Phase 2 should be a lot easier if all 4 dark emblems are taken down before engaging Sombron. I use some of the more obscure classes like martial master to break and amplify Saphir's damage, Halberdier because reclassing is cheaper than buying another Silver Blade. Lindon makes his final appearance by cooking Duma with Echo and Mystical bonus. Medeus has relatively low def/res, so I decided to meme him a bit with Diamant and Nova while Alear provides Panette Attune. Emblem Alear is literally designed to nuke Sombron by doubling your weapon's Mt, so I figured I should bonk him with my beefy Revanche+5. Even with a mod that prevents critting, Sombron has 0 chance to survive the best girl of this run. This concludes my second Engage Challenge run. I don't think I'm going to do another one, since other people are planning pretty much all possible other challenges. Keep an eye on @xsmu1729 's final stretch, as well as @Dean7599 's fixed mode no gacha ring no well efficiency run. They're worth watching I assure you.


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