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Title:2000 Year Old Stoic Rules For Life

Stoicism and Stoic philosophy have been around for thousands of year. Founded by Zeno of Citium, the original Stoics used to gather in Athens to discuss the best ways to live a good life, and how to remain resilient while enduring hardship and adversity. Since then many Stoics have come and gone, but very little of the ancient Stoic literature still exists, and modern Stoicism is a built upon fragments of work alongside the writing of Epictetus, Seneca and Marcus Aurelius. This is a compilation and collection of Stoic quotes and philosophy to help spread the value that's been applied for thousands of years. I hope you find it useful. Intro - 0:00 Stoic Philosophy - 0:13 BECOME A MEMBER: As a nation Sparta was feared for it's soldiers, and respected for its way of life. In modern say, the Spartans are still held in high regard, and the Spartan helmet and shield still used as a symbol to reflect their values almost 2000 years later. These quotes help to explain the Spartan philosophy and the mindset of Sparta, a mindset that helps us remain calm, collected and resilient in the face of hardship, adversity, and events that threaten to invade our peace of mind. Learn more at: STRENGTHEN THE PHILOSOPHY COMMUNITY: A few little things can help us get practical philosophy to more people and more great content to you, our community. 1. Like the video 2. Comment. Ask questions, start discussion, or share your thoughts! 3. Subscribe. The more subscribers we have, the better able we are to make great content! 4. Support Patreon: RECOMENDED BOOKS: 📚 EQUIPMENT: 🎤 Microphone: 🎵 Audio Interface: SOCIALS: 🌍 Website: 📸 Instagram: Check Out More Videos or More Awesome Videos: RedFrost Motivation | Ultimate Stoic Quotes Compilation | Everyday Stoic |Epictetus - LIFE CHANGING Quotes - STOICISM | Vox Stoica | Meditations of Marcus Aurelius - SUMMARIZED - (22 Stoic Principles) | MUSIC: Chasing Daylight - Scott Buckley #motivation #philosophy #stoicism


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