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Title:Use Excel Like a PRO | Learn Power Query, Power Pivot & DAX in 15 MINUTES (project files included!)

You’ve just been hired as a Data Analyst for Maven Electronics, a global electronics retailer. It’s 4:00pm on a Friday when you receive an urgent email from the VP of Sales, asking you to build a brand new Excel report for regional sales managers. To make matters worse, the data is over the place – SQL servers, CSV files, even static PDFs – and she needs it first thing Monday morning. Yikes 😬 In this hands-on demo, Maven Analytics Founder and Lead Instructor Chris Dutton walks through this business case while showcasing the power of modern Excel tools like Power Query, Power Pivot and DAX. You’ll start by using Power Query to extract, transform, and load data from external sources like SQL databases and CSV files. Next you’ll build a relational model to join the tables without writing a single formula, conduct some exploratory analysis using Power Pivot, and define calculated measures with Data Analysis Expressions (DAX). Finally you’ll use Pivot Charts and slicers to design a simple interactive report that the sales managers can use to analyze revenue trends and product performance. All in a matter of minutes 💪 Microsoft Excel is an incredibly powerful data analytics platform, yet less than 1% of users know how to leverage its most powerful business intelligence tools. These skills will not only allow you to work smarter and faster in Excel, but also help you build foundational database and ETL skills that can easily be applied to tools like SQL or Power BI. 🔗 Helpful Links: 🎉 Maven Analytics Spring Sale – Save 40% off Pro plans! 🎉 👉 Downloadable demo files: 👉 Excel Specialist Learning Path: 👉 Follow Chris: 👉 Follow Maven Analytics: 👀 Looking to learn (Excel/SQL) this summer? Join our upcoming Immersives and build job-ready skils in just 10 weeks! ⏱️ Timestamps ⏱️ 00:00 - Intro 00:34 - Project Brief 01:05 - Dataset Review 01:45 - STEP 1: Connecting data with Power Query 02:16 - Connecting to a SQL Database 04:39 - Connecting to a CSV File 05:53 - Connecting to a PDF 07:26 - Creating a Calendar Table 08:52 - STEP 2: Building a Relational Data Model 10:20 - STEP 3: Exploring Data with Power Pivot 11:20 - STEP 4: Calculating Measures with DAX 12:03 - Calculating Total Orders with DISTINCTCOUNT 12:44 - Calculating Total Revenue with SUMX 14:10 - Building an Interactive Excel Report 16:45 - Project Recap & Free Resources At Maven Analytics, we empower everyday people with life-changing data & AI skills. Head to and master in-demand tools like Excel, SQL, Power BI, Tableau, Python and more. Design your own personalized learning plan and get started for FREE! Looking for more opportunities to sharpen your skills? Explore sample datasets and practice solving real business problems with unique, expert-led guided projects:


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