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Title:Excavate a natural shelter. Stone fireplace with chimney. Sleeping in the wild. Survival skills

The video is about an overnight stay deep in the wilderness I found a gigantic stone as accommodation and half dug it under tunter and slept there. For the heat, I built a stone fireplace with a chimney so that the night is warm! If it would rain I would use a tarp tent to cover the nature shelter To eat I grilled 1 kilo steak. I want to be a part of nature, not a spectator who just comes to visit. Not a tourist because we are all tourists in nature. People visit nature but are not part of it. Being a part of nature means being completely naked, without modern technology, with nothing, a true human animal in the wild. We have lost our ability to live like this in nature, so we have to apply technologies that make us tourists in nature. But if we relearn old skills, we can go out into nature and become one with that environment, a part of it. Only then will we become human again! Subscribe to my channel so that you wont miss any adventures of me! Have fun by watching! Follow me on Insagram: Facebook: Twitter: Mailbox for my fans: BUSHCRAFT GR P.O. Box 61 T.K. 41500 GIANNOULI What's my dog's name? Her name is BONNY! What breed is my dog? Kangal with old German shepherd dog! Gear used in the video that is listed : 1. Shirt - sweater- brand unknown 2. pans - made by pentagon 3. axe - made in France 4. Boots - made by AKU goretex 5. Tent - polish lavvu 6. Backpack - made by pentagon 65L 7. Little Knife - Knife - made by Browning 8.pot - made by boundless voyage titanium 1100 ml 9.Teapot - brand unknown. 750 ml 10. Saw - brand unknown. 53 cm blade 11. Cup - made by kuksa 12. Gloves - made by Ozero 13. Canteen - made in CZ / SK M 60 14.Hat - brand unknown 15.Gaiters - made by mil-tec Video gear: Sony A7 III Tripod: Velbon Videomate 438 For more videos Two days solo. Survivor shelter building with fireplace inside made at stone and clay 2 days solo in the chestnut forest in a 50 years old abandoned stone cottage.Found a powerful puppy #wildlife #offgridliving #survivalskills


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