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Title:British Royal Navy Dress Saber

British Royal Navy Dress Saber (US-S-129) :: First introduced in 1827, this sword was carried by the Navy through a whole host of conflicts to today. As mentioned it was adopted by every other Commonwealth navy that was part of the British Empire. Indeed it is likely this sword even found its way into the hands of the officers of the Confederate Navy during the American Civil War. This beautiful sword is made in the gothic style with some harkening back to Nelson’s times with the lion’s head pommel/back strap. The solid bowl guard is pebbled to create the illusion of negative space, and in the center is, of course, is a crown and fouled anchor. The sword knot slot in the guard has been rounded to allow the Navy cord knot to pass through. A very nice touch is the folding rear part of the guard which latches into a stud on the gilt brass top piece of the scabbard. This latching system is requisite for Naval officer side arm especially onboard during a gale. The white imitation fish skin grip is wrapped with gilt wire to complete the look of the gold plated (gilt) hilt. Special thanks to Team Kult of Athena. * Important : All sword tests and video demonstrations have been performed by experts. Do not attempt to replicate or copy it. Universal Swords


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