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Title:NASA's clever technique to make combustion chambers

Get Nebula using my link for 40% off an annual subscription: Watch my exclusive video on Electroplating Diamond Tools for CNC machining glass: -------------------------- Etsy shop: Printables STL download: -------------------------- Today we're looking at how the regenerative cooling channels on Space Shuttle's main combustion chamber were manufactured. They used a combination of conventional machining with electroplating, in a really clever technique to mimic what we can do with 3D printing nowadays. 🥰 CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING 🥰 🔬Patreon if that's your jam: 📢Twitter: 📷Instagram: 💻Discord: -------------------------- 📚 Sources! So many sources! 🥵 Everyday Astronaut Rocket cooling: ( Kazaroff, John M., and George A. Repas. _Conventionally cast and forged copper alloy for high-heat-flux thrust chambers_. No. NASA-TP-2694. 1987. Akpati, Anthony U. "SSME Main Combustion Chamber (MCC)'hot Oil'Dewaxing." _Aerospace Environmental Technology Conference_. No. NASA-CR-202079. 1994. "Electroplating offers embrittlement protection" Rocket Science - The success story of Ariane 5 (Pt 1) | Full Documentary NASA ‘Smart Manufacturing’ Updates, Tests Engine Part To Reduce Costs. Kazaroff, John M., and Albert J. Pavli. "Advanced tube-bundle rocket thrust chambers." Journal of Propulsion and Power 8.4 (1992): 786-791. Pauckert, R. P. _Space storable regenerative cooling investigation Final report, Jul. 1967-May 1970_. No. NASA-CR-72705. 1970.. Czacka, Z., and S. Hammer. _Development of advanced fabrication techniques for regeneratively cooled thrust chambers by the electroforming process Final report_. No. NASA-CR-72698. 1967.. Agosta, V. D., and S. S. Hammer. _development of electroforming techniques for the fabrication of rocket engine injectors final report, phase 2_. No. NASA-CR-101801. 1969.. Quentmeyer, R. "Rocket combustion chamber life-enhancing design concepts." _26th Joint Propulsion Conference_. 1990.. Rocketdyne, A. "THE USE OF ALLOY 718 IN THE SPACE SHUTTLE MAIN ENGINE.". Bradley, D., & Van Hooser, K. (2011). Space Shuttle Main Engine - The Relentless Pursuit of Improvement. AIAA SPACE 2011 Conference & Exposition. doi:10.2514/6.2011-7159  Loewenthal, William, and David Ellis. "Fabrication of GRCop-84 rocket thrust chambers." _Materials Science and Technology 2005 Conference and Exhibition_. 2006.. Hannum, Ned P., and R. G. Price Jr. _Some effects of thermal-cycle-induced deformation in rocket thrust chambers_. No. NASA-TP-1834. 1981.. Ellis, David L., and Gary M. Michal. _Mechanical and thermal properties of two Cu-Cr-Nb alloys and NARloy-Z_. No. NASA-CR-198529. 1996. Gradl, Paul R. "Rapid Fabrication techniques for liquid rocket channel wall nozzles." _52nd AIAA/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference_. 2016. Gradl, Paul R., and Christopher S. Protz. "Channel wall nozzle manufacturing technology advancements for liquid rocket engines." _International Astronautical Congress (IAC), 2019_. No. M19-7683. 2019. Byrd, Tom. "The J-2X upper stage engine: from design to hardware." _46th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit_. 2010.. Lee, Jonathan A., and Stephen Woods. "Hydrogen embrittlement." (2016).


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