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Title:How to Change a Freewheel/Cassette on a Bicycle

UPDATED TUTORIAL: This is a quick tutorial outlining how to remove and replace a freewheel cassette on a bicycle. I have included lots of little tips and tricks I have picked up from performing this task several times over the years. If you replace your freewheel/cassette, you should also replace your chain: I hope you find this video helpful. Let me know if you have any questions. Please subscribe to my channel. FAQ Q: Why is your chain so rusty in this video? A: When the freewheel/cassette on this bike failed, I tried swapping it with another one that I had from an old bike. Since chains and cassettes wear at the same rate, when I tried riding the bike with my existing chain, the chain was skipping since they were mismatched. I had a spare chain that came off an old bike (I wasn't sure if it was the same old bike) and tried installing that, but unfortunately it skipped too. The chain that you see in this video is that old chain. It was a bit rusty, but if it had not skipped, I would have cleaned/lubed it and used it. Instead, I decided to switch back to my old broken cassette, and make this video showing how to replace it with a new one. Thanks for watching!


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