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Title:Elasticity & Hooke's Law - Intro to Young's Modulus, Stress & Strain, Elastic & Proportional Limit

This physics video tutorial provides a basic introduction into elasticity and hooke's law. The basic idea behind hooke's law is that the change in length of a stretching or compressing an object is proportional to the force applied up to the proportional limit. The elastic limit is the point up to which an object can return to its natural state if the external force is removed. Beyond the elastic region lies the plastic region where an object will not return to its natural length if the external force is removed but it experiences permanent deformation. If the force passes the breaking point, the object will snap in two. The ultimate strength is maximum force that an object can withstand without breaking in two. Stress is the ratio of force and area. Stress is the external pressure applied to an object where as strain is the material's response to that stress. Strain is the ratio between the change in length of the object and its original length. The elastic modulus or young's modulus is the ratio between stress and strain. This video provides the equations and formulas needed to perform calculations associated with young's modulus /elastic modulus, stress, and strain. Static Equilibrium: Elasticity and Hooke's Law: Tensile Stress: Elastic Modulus: Bulk Modulus: ___________________________ Volume Unit Conversion: Specific Gravity & Density of Mixtures: Will It Sink or Float? Intro to Pressure & Fluids: Atmospheric Pressure Problems: ____________________________ The Gallon Crusher: Absolute Pressure Vs Gauge Pressure: Water Pressure Vs Gauge Pressure: Full-Length Videos and Worksheets: Physics PDF Worksheets:


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