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Title:NTS GAT, NAT, USAT, HAT HEC Complete Course Preparation | Quantitative, Verbal, Analytical Reasoning

This is complete course for those students/aspirants who preparing for competitive tests such as NTS GAT General, NAT, HAT, USAT and NUST aptitude tests. In all competitive tests the main sections are Quantitative reasoning, Verbal Reasoning And Analytical Reasoning. All these sections has explained with examples and concept in this course. For the following tests you can prepare from this course. NTS GAT General NTS GAT Subject NTS NAT (All) USAT NUST Aptitude Test HAT Govt Tests HAT ETEA Tests And More Chapters Coverd Are 0:00:00 - Introduction 0:00:19 - QUANTITATIVE REASONING 0:01:32 - Percentages Questions 0:26:27 - Ratio And Proportions 0:51:40 - Factors And Multiples Simplifications 0:56:52 - Highest Common Factor (HCF) 1:09:40 - Least Common Multiple (LCM) 1:23:05 - Problems On Ages 1:36:57 - Problems On Averages 1:55:49 - Profit And Loss Finincial Mathematics 2:10:23 - Arithmetic Sequence Concept With Examples 2:21:33 - Geometric Sequence Concept With Examples 2:38:55 - Basic Statistics Questions 2:45:29 - Data Interpretation 2:51:23 - Algebra 3:06:03 - Linear Equations Solution 3:10:10 - Geometry 3:34:32 - Decimals Questions 3:45:46 - VERBAL REASONING 3:46:29 - Synonyms 3:52:07 - Antonyms 3:57:23 - Prepositions 4:26:01 - ANALYTICAL REASONING TYPES 4:27:01 - Assigment Analytical Reasoning Questions 4:41:39 - Grouping Analytical Reasoning Questions 4:28:27 - Ordering Analytical Reasoning Questions So, the above are the chapters covered, you can jump to speficif one you want to learn. All Analytical Reasoning, Quantitative reasoning and Verbal Reasoning are explained with multiple examples. You can find more videos here. Geometry Questions Quantitative reasoning Synonyms Complete Quantitative reasoning Section I Hope This Helps You Thank You Gat Academy,


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