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Title:Valve Cover Breathers with No Welding Required... Hook up a PCV Catch Can with ease!

No More Welding! Drill and Bolt these breather attachments to hook up your PCV Catch Can with ease! Motion Raceworks part number 32-120 and 32-120BK Motion Raceworks is trying to make the car building process easier! We developed this Billet Valve Cover breather to provide builders with a simplistic and very effective way to connect your valve covers directly to your catch can systems without welding or fabricating! Baffling is the only thing standing between you and filling a catch can up in a very short amount of time. Because underneath valve covers and in valley covers oil activity is very prominent, we created a dual baffling system in these bolt on pieces that can be used either or both in keeping direct oil streams from entering these pressurized lines on the way to an engine oil catch can. The external baffle bolts on the outside, the internal bolts internally for underneath rocker areas with little to no clearance under a rocker cover. Both have been optimized to offer as much flow area as the ID of a -12 ORB fitting. This means flow is not restricted, but oil separation is achieved. Using (3) 10-32 screws, this fitting can adapt to any flat surface large enough to fit the fitting. Questions on overall dimensions? Visit our product listing page for a drawing including sizes by clicking here This attachment uses a large diameter oring to seal to a valve cover. This means if you bolt it to a flat surface, it is going to seal. REMEMBER: PLEASE USE RED LOCTITE ON ALL HARDWARE DURING FINAL INSTALLATION. These are available in polished as well as black anodized. The Female portion of the fitting is -12 ORB which allows you to adapt to 8AN 10AN and 12AN Fittings. For proper sizing for your system feel free to contact us by emailing or calling (800) 878-9274 during business hours. Billet Valve Cover Breather Attachments: Black Anodized Valve Cover Breather Attachments: Motion Raceworks Catch Can (Only: NO Kit): Motion Raceworks Catch Can Kit:


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