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Title:Jeannie Aur Juju | जीनी और जूजू | Episode 9 | 1st July, 2020

Subscribe to Sony Pal: Episode 9 : Jeannie’s First Date --------------------------------- As promised, Vicky takes Jeannie out for dinner. But Priya and her friend make an appearance at the same restaurant. So, Vicky asks Jeannie to get Priya out of the restaurant. However, Jeannie uses her magic in an ill-mannered way and makes Vicky angry. How will Jeannie change Vicky’s mood? Check out in this episode. About Jeannie Aur Juju: --------------------------------- Pilot Vikram Khanna's (Juju) plane crash lands on a deserted island, and thence begins the story of Jeannie and Juju. Vikram finds a mysterious antique bottle on the island, out of which an alluring Jeannie materializes. Jeannie falls in love with Vikram at first sight and here on she follows Vikram like a shadow, trying to budge the obstacles that come his way. But, Jeannie's actions lead Vikram towards pitiful events. Though Vikram tries to persuade Jeannie to return to her world, an adamant Jeannie refuses. Vikram's troubles only get bigger, whether at home or office. If Vikram is already dreading his chance encounter with the bottle, Jeannie is here to jiggle Vikram's life with her magical hands. This tale of unfortunate events turns into a fusion of romance and magic for Vikram. Will Vikram and Jeannie end up together? Watch and find out.


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