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Title:3 hours of Rain Walk tour at Night | Thunderstorm Heavy rain Bordeaux 4k | ASMR sounds for sleeping

Passing through the famous rue Sainte Cathrine in Bordeaux, we will walk in the pouring night rain in the melancholy Bordeaux street. Enjoy. ►Points of interest in this vidéo : 0:00:00 rue Sainte Catherine Rue Sainte-Catherine is a street in the center of Bordeaux. This 1,250 meter long pedestrian street is the main shopping street in Bordeaux. It is presented as the longest shopping and pedestrian street in Europe. This street is one of the two main axes that cross the historic part of the city. It cuts through the center along a North-South axis, linking Place de la Comédie, where the Grand Théâtre is located, to Place de la Victoire. Rue Sainte-Catherine and the districts to the west of it are very commercial (more than 250 shops including Galeries Lafayette, Fnac, the Apple Store, Decathlon, etc.). It became pedestrian for most of its length between 1976 and 1977 and then entirely in 1984, and was completely redeveloped between 2000 and 2003 according to the project of Jean-Michel Wilmotte. 0:19:37 Opera de Bordeaux The Opéra national de Bordeaux is a public cultural service institution organized in the form of a personalized management. Its history is linked to that of the Grand Théâtre where its headquarters are located and to that of the Bordeaux Aquitaine National Orchestra, which contributes to operatic and choreographic performances. It is a member of the European Network of Educational Services of Opera Houses (RESEO) and adheres, like twenty-two other opera houses, to the Réunion des Opéras de France. Duration : 2Hours 50min Location : Bordeaux, France weather : Heavy rain, Rain, Thunderstorm Camara : DJI Osmo pocket Binaural MIC : ROLAND CS-10 EM Recorder : Zoom H1n ►More equipements list below 🌎 Bordeaux, France Unlike the "rain sounds looping" videos, my "rain walk" videos allow you to hear the sounds more or less varied depending on where I walk. It is also visually more enjoyalbe. Last Rain Walk : Most liked Rain Walk : 3 Hours rain walk : Bordeaux, a city known for its good wine. But in autumn and winter it turns into a city of rain. Lucky for rain lovers like myself. So I decided to share this wonderful feeling of walking in the rain. To give you the most real experience possible, I equipped myself with a binaural microphone and a 4K camera with stabilizer. So If you are a "rain lovers" like me. My channel is for you. You can also use this rain walk and sounds to sleep, study, meditate, or relax. Enjoy the Sound of Heavy Rain for insomnia and sleep. Recorded with binaural microphones, Please adjust the audio volume to your taste. Thank you. ►Join this channel to get access to perks: ►My Blog to see my gear and how make my video : ►My equipements list below (If you buy the products through these links, it can help me to manage and improve my channel.) Mini camera Osmo pocket : DJI Pocket 2 : Iphone 12 pro 258GB : Handheld 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal : Binaural Mic : Recorder : SD card : or Data Storage : Edited on : View on : Gloves Touchscreen : Rain Boots : or Umbrella : Backpack : Protective Mask : Copyright Relaxed Walker. Any reproduction or illegal distribution of the content in any form will result in immediate action against the person concerned. ►IMPORTANT INFO !!! Youtube team, Please read!!! : I create all my own content. The videos and audio are recorded by myself. I have never reused someone else's content. To respect the concept of "relaxing walk" I have minimized the comments, narrations or whatever. The idea is to offer spectators a real feeling of walking themselves in a calm or relaxing atmosphere. ============================================================== 불면증 개선 수면 유도 집중 공부 명상 2시간 빗소리 Tingles trigger ASMR Real city sound Binaural recording 3d audio virtual walk travel POV sleep rain sounds for sleeping umbrella rain asmr nomadic ambience walking in heavy rain 빗소리 asmr SLOW TV


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