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Title:Purple World EP 19: BJ Baller talks growing up in Boston, Why he started Rapping, and more...

Welcome to Do Over Don't!!! Follow us on Instagram & Twitter @dooverdont Make sure to follow @brickflair_ on IG Hosted & Edited by @theknowledgedon Shot by @kennnywiththecamera Timestamps 0:00 Introducing BJ Baller 0:52 Future music drops/ Dropping project 1:42 How does BJ choose what music to drop? 2:13 How long has BJ been doing music? 3:00 How often is BJ in the studio? 3:28 What made BJ take music more serious? 4:08 How did BJ get into doing music? Pt.1 5:18 Where did BJ grow up?/Where is BJ from? 6:05 BJ’s thoughts on Boston 6:30 BJ’s first time going to a real studio 7:47 How did BJ get into doing music? Pt.2/ Inspiration from mother 9:30 What was it like dropping his first song?/ How things got more serious 10:43 Getting love from local artists 12:30 Making music for everyone/ Being versatile 14:05 BJ’s inspirations for music/ What music does BJ listen to? 17:15 How did BJ Baller get his name? 19:35 Camayah films 19:52 What was it like shooting his first visual? 20:26 How important was it to BJ to have a mentor 21:58 Being born into music 23:04 Break dancing 24:02 What other hobbies does BJ enjoy when he’s not making music 24:39 What outfit would BJ use to describe himself with? 25:20 How has fashion and music intertwined for BJ? 25:55 BJ’s first EP 98/ Creation of 98 28:58 How would BJ describe his sound/ What does BJ want people to take away from his music? 32:27 Making more music for the hood but still staying versatile 33:37 Filming and recording THAT GLTT !!! with G Nipsey 36:06 Millyz connecting BJ and Nipsey/ Tapping in with local artists 39:58 Staying true to oneself/ Not grouping people in categories 40:42 Staying out of beef/ avoiding certain situations 41:44 BJ’s thoughts on the Massachusetts music scene 47:21 Being withdrawn from the music scene yet not at the same time 50:13 BJ doing what he does for himself 51:17 How does BJ get his music out to people? 52:00 At what point did BJ’s music start blowing up 52:51 Does BJ listen to his own music? 53:53 People leaking BJ’s music 54:37 BJ’s experience performing/ Shows in the future 56:07 How important is traveling and seeing other places?/ Places BJ wants to travel to in the future 57:32 Who would BJ work with in the industry right now? 57:59 Did covid impact BJ’s workflow? 58:23 What can we expect from BJ later this year 59:10 What is something BJ wants people to take away from this interview? 1:01:38 Final shoutouts 1:02:31 Outro


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