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Title:Gaining Weight After Starting Exercise? | Holly - Renewal Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

When you’re trying to lose weight it’s comforting to think that weight gain is just muscle you’re building from working out. And while muscle does “weigh more” than fat, muscle is hard to build! It takes a lot of time, consistency and heavy weight. If you quickly gain weight, it’s more likely a shift in other areas. For instance, you’re drinking more water and it’s added water weight; or you may be compensating for exercise by eating more without realizing it, leading to excess calories; or, If you’re sore or tired after a workout, then you may inadvertently reduce overall movement, leading to less overall calorie burn. If your weight goes up after starting exercise, then I recommend keeping a food journal for a week to see what you’re eating and if you’re consuming the right foods and portions to reach your goals. You may also want to track steps to see if you’ve reduced overall movement. Need more help with weight loss and healthy eating to support your goals? Book a free consult : =========================== Relevance Enquiry ============================= gaining weight after starting exercise, gaining weight after starting to workout, gaining weight after exercise, gaining weight after going to the gym, why i am gaining weight after workout, why am i gaining weight after joining gym, why am i gaining weight after exercising, gaining weight after starting weight training, why am i gaining weight after working out, initial weight gain after starting exercise, weight gain starting exercise program, why gain weight when start exercising, why i am gaining weight while working out, weight gain after diet and exercise, started exercising and gaining weight


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