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Title:The Future Of Branding & Brand Strategy (w/ Marty Neumeier)

Discover the future of branding and brand strategy and how to become a modern brand strategist with Marty Neumeier. ✅ FREE PRO BRAND STRATEGY BLUEPRINT: In this episode of the brand master podcast I’m speaking with best-selling author of the brand gap, the brand flip, zag, scramble and metaskills, Mr Marty Neumeier about the future of branding and brand strategy. First, you’ll learn from the master, what brand strategy is with his unique definition and why it’s so important for modern creatives and brand builders. Next, you learn the importance of specialisation, how to find your zag and what graphic designers can do to prepare for the future. Later you’ll learn the difference between brand strategy vs marketing strategy and how to provide the ROI of branding. Finally, you’ll learn the most effective questions brand strategists need to ask to develop an effective brand strategy. 0:00 The Future Of Branding & Brand Strategy (w/ Marty Neumeier) 1:54 The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier 5:53 What Is Brand Strategy? 8:20 Why Is Brand Strategy So Important? 10:36 How To Find Your Zag (Advantages Of Specialization) 15:20 How To Prepare For The Future Of Branding & Brand Strategy 22:57 Brand Strategy vs Marketing Strategy 27:02 What Is A Chief Brand Officer? 30:47 What Questions Should A Brand Strategist Ask? 33:23 What Are The Skills To Become A Good Strategist? 35:40 How To Calculate The ROI Of Branding? 38:00 How To Execute To Become A Good Strategist 47:34 Find Marty Neumeier #branding #Brandstrategy #MartyNeumeier #thebrandgap #thebrandflip #zag #scramble #brandstrategist #brandconsultant #brandingconsultant #brandstrategy #brandmasteracademy #brandmasterpodcast ----------------✅ FREE BRAND STRATEGY RESOURCES ✅-------------------- ✅ BECOME A BRAND STRATEGIST Our flagship training “Brand Master Secrets” - Everything you need to become an in-demand brand strategist, raise your expert profile and grow your branding revenue and business. ✅ FACILITATE BRAND STRATEGY WORKSHOPS LIKE A PRO Learn the techniques, systems and delivery tools to develop brands WITH your clients, to build brands they believe in and are invested in. ✅ INSIDE BRAND MASTER SECRETS ✅ BRAND MASTER ACADEMY The brand strategist training ground --------------- ✴️ LEARN FROM OTHER STRATEGISTS IN THE COMMUNITY ✴️ -------------------- ✴️✴️ BRAND MASTER ACADEMY ON SOCIAL Instagram - Facebook - Linkedin - Youtube - Twitter - ✴️✴️ JOIN THE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY Join in the conversation with other experienced and budding brand strategists to enhance your brand-building systems. ✴️✴️ EXCLUSIVE TIPS & TECHNIQUES Get on the list for exclusive brand strategy tips and techniques ---------------- 🎧 LISTEN TO THE PODCAST 🎧 -------------------- 🎧🎧 LISTEN TO THE BRAND MASTER PODCAST ----------------🙏 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL 🙏-------------------- AFFILIATE LINKS Support Brand Master Academy by purchasing through our affiliate links. We get a small commission with no extra cost to you. 🙏🙏 AMAZON | 🙏🙏 DESIGN CUTS | 🙏🙏 EPIDEMIC SOUND | 🙏🙏 WEBFLOW | 🙏🙏 CONVERTKIT | 🙏🙏 AWEBER |


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