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Title:You And Whose Army - Radiohead (Piano Cover)

I've not done one of these for a while, but it seems the mojo is back after a little while, and its a rainy Saturday evening, so why not! Not sure why this song has been swimming around my head over the past couple of days, but its a goodun right? I guess there's a lot of people currently fighting and struggling in various ways, political, economic, and this track has got a primal, goading rage about it, which feels pretty appropriate these days, whatever side of whatever fence you happen to be nearby. Technical nerdery... vocal recorded with SM58, piano recorded from behind with a spaced pair of Rode NT5s, and a pair of AKG451s were up in the room in a fairly random spot (I have them ready to record whether they're being actually 'deployed' or not). The laptop which was recording the video was also recording a mono track from the little internal mic. I did a little bit of mixing in Logic but I've made a point of not spending a whole load of time on tweaking these. Some tape-saturation and delay, reverb, and my fairly standard chain to brighten up the piano a bit with exciter, EQ and such. Some automation as the track progresses, but no autotune (fairly obviously!) and all one take (the 3rd take of a bunch, that was the first without headphones, which felt a bit more natural). Video was recorded on a laptop in less than ideal lighting conditions... so I did a bit of processing to make it a little more stylised. The 'glow' effect in Videopad has one control... 'glowiness'.


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