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Title:👼(Ultra Rare) MNDRV X68000-Source Only You Sekimatsu no Juliet-tachi 世紀末のジュリエット達 Full PC-98 Convert

Following up to Gakuen King with another of the soundtracks found during exploration of Internet Archive. Now this series has actually made it into the modern era with PS2 ports and the company is still active, so please consider checking out information about the remakes and any official soundtracks available for those: Music by Shade / シェイド This music still falls under the copyright of Alicesoft. Song titles directly extracted from files (some spelling and translation mistakes as-is): 0:00 The pain of the name of love 1:25 The pain of the name of love (orgle-1) 2:09 A cute doll 3:08 Last girl 4:57 A shrine maiden 6:34 Tenderness 8:04 Blowing your kiss 9:39 Be activate! 11:07 Last a whirlwind 12:58 A dark age 15:03 Be struggling against your lot! 16:35 Let's go to the school! 18:03 To beliave is a power! 21:40 My little princess 23:01 Disabulation 24:15 In the space station 25:40 In tears 29:04 Sadness 31:06 What is happened? 32:48 Feel the fear 34:20 The big 35:34 The theme of Only You 38:22 The decadent juliets orgle build up 38:44 The decadent juliets 41:03 See you later! 43:13 In the astroid memory 45:47 The final battle 47:42 Hold me tight 49:58 A great terror king (amazing vampire-style organ breakdown) 53:12 A cute doll (dreamed mix) 54:45 The pain of the name of love (orgle-2) 56:03 School chime 56:10 Dreamy lime 56:21 Like a fighting whirlwind #gamemusic #x68000 #x68k #pc98 #alicesoft #onlyyou


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