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Title:How Do You WARP Layers in Photoshop?

Ever wondered how you can transform your layers in more ways than by just using the Free Transform options? Well, in this video we'll delve into how you can use warp to create different and unique transformations to your layers in Photoshop! We'll also deepen our knowledge in Smart Objects and explain why they are so effective to use in every project! 💌 BECOME A MEMBER of the channel for exclusive first access and extra perks! ↳ 🔔 SUBSCRIBE for more design tips & classes: DISCOVER MORE Here's how to use the Text Tool in Photoshop! Or how to NOT lose pixel quality when resizing in Photoshop! 📌 PHOTOSHOP SHORTCUTS Text Tool: T Move Tool: V Hand Tool: H Free Transform: Cmd + T... (Windows: Ctrl + T) Undo: Cmd + Z... (Windows: Ctrl + Z) Zoom In: Cmd + "+"... (Windows: Ctrl + "+") Zoom Out: Cmd + "-"... (Windows: Ctrl + "-") Save: Cmd + S... (Windows: Ctrl + S) ✅ VIDEO SUMMARY Once you have created an initial shape, text object or other kind of layer (image or anything else), it's always best practise to start by creating a Smart Object so that you can always go back and edit your original unchanged content layer. Simply right click on the layer you want to transform in the Layers panel and then select "Convert to Smart Object". Next, to warp this layer, simply go to "Edit", "Transform" and then "Warp". You can then warp the content either by dragging the corners in different directions or adjusting the curvature of the outline box. You can also press and drag anywhere on the layer itself to warp the contents into a new position. Be aware, however, that you will stretch and compact different parts of the image which might lead to an increase in sharpness, or a decrease depending on how much it is deformed from its original shape. QUESTION What other tools would you like to learn in Adobe Photoshop? PLAYLISTS 🔥 Delve deeper into Adobe Photoshop ➤➤ 🔎 Discover more graphic design tricks with Adobe Illustrator ➤➤ 🚀 Try a new skill with video animation in Adobe After Effects ➤➤ SOCIALS 💬 Twitter ➤➤ 🎬 TikTok ➤➤ 📸 Instagram ➤➤ 👥 Facebook ➤➤ TIMESTAMPS 0:00 How to create a text object in Photoshop 2:20 Why should you create a Smart Object? 4:19 How to edit content inside a Smart Object 5:16 How to warp in Photoshop ABOUT My Design Class will help you craft your own creative skillset in a variety of free online video courses that will bring you the know-how and ability to approach new design briefs with a professional mindset. My Design Class aims to give you the know-how to create the portfolio that represents you best and the skills to develop your own original ideas! The aim is to build a community that focuses on design, so be sure to leave any questions you have in the comments below so that others might be able to help you too. Be sure to follow on Instagram and Facebook for more content, tips and techniques. Thank you for watching! This video is not sponsored by Adobe. Adobe product screenshot(s) reprinted with permission from Adobe. #mydesignclass #photoshop #designtutorial #design #warp #photoshopwarp #photoshop2023 #photoshop_tutorial #photoshop_cc #photoshoptutorials #photoshoptools #adobephotoshop #photoshop2022


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